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The greatest Sinatra book. Don't even ask any questions. Just go order it right now. You will love this book, Sinatra and me. It just came out. It's called Sinatra and me in the wee small hours, Tony Open to Sano. He's a legend in show business, known as Tonio was the closest guy to Frank Sinatra in the last 20 years. He just never left his side. It is. It's got only amazing parts of Sinatra, but all the intimate details. It's There's a lot of sadness in this book. But if you want to know everything, this is the book, Sinatra and Me. It just came out. Tonio, How you doing? Pretty well, Mark Boy. What an introduction. Holy Christmas! I got to send you a check. Yeah. No, it's an incredible. Now. Listen, uh, I've known you for years. I want to thank you because I know it's 8 40 in the morning, Los Angeles time. You have never been up this early in your life. You and Frank used to get up. What? Two in the afternoon. So I thank you for getting up this early. I don't know You did it. My pleasure, my friend. He he who used to say Sunrise is best seen on the way to bed. Yeah. Yeah. Sometimes, he says somebody will meet me for breakfast. And they say I don't want to go to bed early, and they have to tell him Breakfast is two in the afternoon. So, uh, Listen, I don't know where to start with this book, but the A lot of people went through the pandemic. You're stuck at home. You're sitting at home. It was tough. But you went through. Sinatra is the biggest star in the world. Biggest entourage traveling the world the most glamorously and then the last year or so not well, you and him alone on the couch every day at home watching TV. What was that? Like for you? And and how did he get through that? You know, we, uh we had so much in common, You know, ethnicity and the way we were brought up and you know, and and the music In addition Having been a musician. I was a singer at one time, and we have plenty of things to talk about were never at a loss. Yeah, but there were times we must have said to you. I miss being on the road I missed my life can be winding down. That career must have been so tough on him. So what kind of strength that you have mentally to get through that? You know, it really was, but because he was so devoted to his fan base, uh and and in his mind, he said, You know, these are the people that paid the freight to get me where I was And if I can't do What I think is, you know is a really good job, Iowa to my fans to all the way. Yeah, And that's part of part of the reason why he decided to pack it in. It wasn't easy. Obviously, of course he missed it. But, uh He said. I would I would. I would rather do that and and go out. You know, with a level of class than then do something to embarrass myself and, uh You know and play short, Just just about enough wasn't his style. Yeah, It's a great book. It's called Sinatra and me, and it tells everything about, uh, I mean, you were there for everyone to give away the stories. You can read them in the book, But you were there the night he got into the fight with John Gotti, and that didn't go well, and you were there for a date with Jackie Onassis. There's a lot of stuff in this book. And I mean, you were always a fan. So what was it like to finally be there and be I witnessed all of this? Oh, you know, every once in a while, I would sneak off to the men's room and pinch myself. Is this really happening? Uh um You know, it was It's something that happened over a period of years. Um, I mean, we met in 1972, thanks to Jilly. And, um Frank was in his self imposed retirement. At that point, he he wandered away from the business. You wanted to spend more time with friends and family. And he told me in later years that the other part of it was that he wasn't quite sure that he was relevant to my generation. And, uh, But we spent quite a bit of time at the club, and then I moved to California in 76, because everything was drying up in New York, But we continue to see each other and then in the eighties, when I gave up my career as a performer, got into producing T V and stuff. Was doing more and more things with Jilly, which caused me to spend far more time down the desert than I would have normally and, uh, being right around the corner from Frank. I was spending more and more time with Frank. And well, you became the leader. Yeah, eventually became the closest guy in his life. But, hey, look, this is all in the book, so I'm not revealing anything that is in the book, But I was not a big fan of Barbara. The last wife. Lot of people would say that. And here's a guy Sinatra, who was the most powerful guy fought with the biggest people on Earth. Yet he's getting pushed around a little by the wife At the end of the book. She's selling his Palm Springs the state when he doesn't want to. How did it come? That he just couldn't stand up to her? What was that all about? You know he? Uh yeah. It was a complicated relationship. They were very both of them were very much in love with each other. And sometimes you know you you, actually Yes. And then you think about after what you did, and you say what they wanted. I do that would I allow Why did I allow that to happen? But Um, you know, he he did love her and she loved him. And you know, to make a marriage work. Sometimes you do things that you know, you probably would have been better off not doing. Just to keep the peace of the house. Yeah, well, it's a pretty complicated relationship. It's in the book. It's called Sinatra and Me, and this is really every intimate detail. You won't get anywhere else. And it's all real and true. Sinatra and me, Tony open dishonor the book just came out..

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