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Last night was over twenty eight points, plus twenty eight points per game, the largest average margin of victory on a single day or night in NBA history. Minimum five games. That. Comes that. What status? Fritzy run down some of the totals last night in the NBA two teams had one forty two. There was a one twenty six and the thunder was good one twenty six actually lost by sixteen points to the hawks hundred twenty six and regulation and lose by sixteen. What are the what are the odds of scoring one hundred one hundred twenty six and losing and losing by sixteen. Yes, paulie, is this just the three pointer or do you think there's more to it? There's better they're better shooters more more people are focused on the three. So there's more guys shooting a higher percentage from three. Yes. Okay. Because I'm looking at. Five-year windows here of three point attempts. And you're about twenty six. Threes, attempted per game now highest percentage of NBA three pointers made field goals are three pointers. Thirty five percent of all field goals being made our three pointers. But these are the kinds of scoring numbers that you had back in the seventies. Then it became Greco Roman wrestling, and it was really physical in the eighties. Certainly in the nineties yet Showtime basketball with the Lakers and the Celtics in the eighties. But it felt like the Knicks and the Cavaliers with Pat Riley, and Mike Fratello, they changed it with a physical style of basketball. But now can't put your hands on anybody. You're going to get to the free throw line and everybody's shooting. So the floor is spread you're getting wide open. Looks know it's not like they're contested threes as much as their everybody can shoot a three pointer. Yeah, polling we're having a new thing that's about to happen. Like an eclipse in the next few weeks Lonzo ball's shooting percentage from the field should be higher than his shooting percentage from the free throw line. He's at forty percent from the field and forty one percent for the free the line, and they're going the opposite way. Guards don't do that out of just six NBA games. Played yesterday, four decided by thirty or more points that's tied for the most thirty point wins on any day an NBA history. Three different teams scored over one hundred forty points. That's the first time that's happened since nineteen eighty four. So the average margin of victory. Twenty eight points easily the highest of any day night all time with at least five games the previous high was twenty three points. Warriors made it look easy last night. And I know we we're rooting for somebody to be competitive with the warriors. I I like the nuggets. And I I know I'm fooling myself. I said that they could be the second best team in the west. But there's there's a really big leap between the first and second best teams, and it comes down to if this was a one in done March madness. Boy, how great would that be though, if you had one in done with the NBA teams now, you can't be Golden State four times in seven games? Unless they have injuries. But this incarnation of the warriors is not gonna lose four games in a seven game series. I just don't see it happening. Duke Duke is foul because Duke, it's it's one in done and do can be stung because they don't they're not great shooters. They have great players. Great athletes. They're not great shooters across the board and that can sting you in a one and done, but Golden State the odds of them having two or three of their stars of their four stars have off nights shooting. So the odds of curry and Durant not being great on a single night. If your banking on that, you're in trouble. And I know Houston had him on the ropes and Chris Paul was healthy. They probably would have won that game and gone on to win the NBA championship. Everything has to fall your way. And watching the warriors last night. They had they had ten made three pointers in the first quarter last night. Crazy and they make it look so effortless. Sometimes the efforts it would never happen. But would you wanna see NBA March madness style playoff sure or a World Series that was one game like the a wild card? I would. But you know, I'm in the minority there because the TV networks wanna have LeBron in Cleveland there for six games seven games five games. Whatever in Golden State versus them or the Miami Heat with LeBron. You wanna have the stars as many nights as possible? And if you are you tuning in to watch some of these other teams lesser teams, but I, you know, the one, you know, either win or you're done. It would be interesting. It would give a little bit of drama to Golden State this year. Yes. You are you ready for the raptors to be the champions this year? Sure. Yeah. Don't you think it'd be crazy? I'm okay with it. We're okay with that in March madness. Like, we never go gun. Can you believe that they won the championship? But that's because we never were never really like, can you believe it because it's usually always a top seed that wins. It's usually always the guy that you're like. Yeah. Of course, they did. But then that would probably happen if Golden State with we had March madness, we if we had June madness or may madness. That they would be the number one seed, I would have it where you'd have a, you know, forget east and west I would just say that here's the number one seed I'd have Boston would be number one seed Toronto and number one seed Denver probably a number one seed, it'd be fun. It'd be something unique. But you would tune into those games. And there would be more of a sense of anticipation of a surprise is it at tournament of thirty then or we're not going to go. No. I didn't know if it was like the more. We would eventually get there, of course, because that's. Yeah. Maybe expanding. Then all of a sudden, we go bowling be like this, let's expanded to eight. And then those go to sixteen apple is like back in the day, Indiana, high school basketball, everybody made you were only twenty three twenty three. Now, let's go start the start March. Coming up next hour. We'll talk about the matchup with Kansas City. Bill Bill, chicken, Andy Reid. They have combined for almost five hundred career wins, including the postseason. That's the most all time with opposing coaches entering a playoff matchup. So Andy Reid and Bill Belichick. That's a bell checks cut two ninety. Where does he rank all time because I think he's third Don Shula had three forty seven. I believe he ended up with three forty seven. I'm you may check that George Halas is he second on the all time list. Yes. Shula Halas ballot. Check landry. Curly. Lambeau. Paul brown. Marty Schottenheimer Andy Reid. Andy Reed's eighth. Can check get to number two on that list? I don't know how much longer he's going to coach. But let's say eleven wins a year for five year do. Yeah. If he coached five more seasons averaging eleven wins. He'd be short. Yeah. I can see him retiring though. What would he do? Badgered him around the house. I don't know. He might be one of those guys who would go to the military academy and be an assistant coach or consultant or something like that. I might write books or something. I don't know feels like he I mean, he's not Jimmy Johnson where he's going to be on a boat. I don't think. Do you think Bella checks lifer? Feels like if any of those guys would be a lifer bowel. Check is all business. Yeah. Fun. I could see him wrapping up his career being like the navy linebackers coach for two years. Yeah. But then his dad coach, right? Yeah. Yeah. Right. One hour in the books. Two more to go. We'll talk to the guy who wrote the book on Bella check. Ian, O'Connor aunt some interesting things to say, send a note last night about Bella check needing to win back the locker room after what happened in the Super Bowl with Malcolm.

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