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And so. Critical. And then I have to talk and everytime I have an opportunity to sponsor a bill or Get legislation passed I worked on. some legislation health and wellness bill with one my republican colleagues from Indiana Susan Breaks. Early on in my time there, we were glad to get that bill passed to help first responders who deal with traumatic situations all the time that's always a highlight. Being appointed as an impeachment manager protecting the Constitution of old in the rule of law and protecting our most precious system of government was a highlight for me. I mean what an honor to have been chosen. I would say one of the biggest challenges has been of the partisanship on issues that it should not be. Again, we think about our infrastructure when we think about healthcare our response to covert. Nineteen. Those should not be political issues because they impact all of the American people. So I'm hoping you know every day that I'm on the House floor it's a new opportunity for us to get our act together and get work done on behalf of the American people. Next time on women belong in the House. We're heading north to talk about a state that somewhat new to the swing. State roster. Georgia. Women belong in the House a wonder media network production. It's produced by Grace Lynch and listening and executive produced by me Jenny Kaplan. Special thanks to Louisa Garbo at an Allard talk to you next week. I want to tell you about another podcast I. Think you'll love we hear about transpeople in the news all the time, but we almost never hear trans people telling their own stories, the Trans Slash podcast with Emara John's is changing that by creating a space centers, the voices of Trans People in conversations about news politics and culture. It's hosted by Amara Jones a peabody and Emmy Award winner. She's also a black trans woman and a journalist and Tamara understands that trans people telling their own stories and having a voice in the conversation that affects them. We'll save trans lives. So, if you're trans and looking for a news and culture show that centers, you or an ally who wants to learn more subscribe to the Trans Slash podcast wherever you listen. I want to tell you about another show I, think he might like are you exhausted from trying to do everything? Perfectly? Do you hold yourself back because you're scared of failure break away from the cult of perfection by subscribing and listening to brave not perfect it's hosted by rush muscle Johnny, the founder and CEO of girls who code and author of the International Bestseller Brave not perfect join rush ma as she shares her secrets about bravery and success because she wants to help you fear less fail more and live boulder subscribe to brave not perfect wherever you listen to podcasts..

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