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You can promote better, and we can predict what leadership's going to be needed for the future with a little more clarity. Right. And you we already went over a Walt Disney. What are some other leaders that you wanted to highlight here? Well, it was interesting. We we took on Coco Chanel. And you'll be surprised to know. I didn't even know she was a person before we wrote this book and yet Coco Chanel an orphan born in France, but comes an extraordinary business person. But she also establishes maybe one of the first brands and the brand was her. She lived a lifestyle became a persona and made people want to buy her products because they wanted to be like cocoa while at the same time. She was a rock hard business person through some pretty difficult years. There are some others. Like Abu Musab Kabwe, the leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq who might. Organization killed in June of two thousand six after going after him for about two and a half years of bloody pursuit and struggle against him. Very difficult. Upbringing wasn't very well educated. But found that if he was the most convicted person, meaning the most intense believer in the organization, and he could constantly demonstrate that in the book, we talk about him. I trying to remove tattoos on his arm with bleach when that didn't work. He has a razor blade smuggled into the prison, and he cut the tattoo off and all the other prisoners saw that and what they saw was somebody who believed so deeply was so rigorous in his adherence to Islam that he became a naturally magnetic person for them later when he led al-qaeda in Iraq. Although he was a very effective leader in terms of moving around the battlefield it was that white hot zealotry that made people attracted to well. So. In a way as much as he was evil. And he was your number one target, someway, you respect him. Well, and I learned from him as well. Because in reality, he was very effective. And had I been on the same side is him. I think he would have been a tremendous comrade and yet obviously I was opposed to him and we had to count. So. So lastly about what's going on in the world today. You see that we still have a word terror ISIS has been diminished. Iraq has a shot if they could finally pick a new government Afghanistan is very much up in the air. When you look in the region. Do you look at a Ron at the root of most of the problems like this administration? Does a Ron's a huge contributor to it. And if you look at the Iranian Kuch force in other parts of their military that are helping HAMAs Hisbollah other organizations, and certainly for Cheryl Assad regime. Yes, what we're we seem to be evolving past just a terrorist period, Al Qaeda in Iraq, and ISIS, and we're almost into regional great power politics between Iran Saudi Arabia. The major players how that plays out it could play out into in a major conflict or it could continue to burn at the periphery like Yemen, and in Lebanon, I know general Admiral mcraven was extremely critical of the president came out and gave some a blistering accounts. Do you think he was right to do that? I do. And because you agree with what he said. Or if you're a civilian you can answer at any moment anytime losing uniform. Would you know, I don't think in uniform you should do that. And I think that military after be very particularly retired military. You have to be very thoughtful about when we weigh in. But I think APO mcraven has opted you're talking about where he lay down the line. I have just incredible regard for Bill mcraven, and he operates on values, and you are not a fan of the president. Is that safe to say, well, I think I think we as Americans have got to decide what kind of person we want in the presidency and not argue about who it is now or who is going to be next. We had to go back to the first principles and say, what do we want our president to be how much integrity? How much forthrightness how how smart do we want them? What kind of experience? And I think if we did that if we had a conversation on that in America, we might come to a different appraisal of our current president. But also who need for the future. And how do you explain this forty seven percent popularity? Well, I think it's. Not very difficult to people's emotions to play to people's emotions on different issues. And so I'm a little bit of a skeptic on some of the polls either way, but I would say that we need to make sure that we don't confuse popularity with what we need of the best teacher your coach you had in high school. It may not have been the one you enjoyed the most of the time where you love the most purchase short, look and say, you know, that person made me better. And I think that leaders are supposed to make us better. They're not supposed to take the petty side of us and play to it. They're supposed to pull us up. Right. And you think Trump Trump's doing that? I don't think he's doing you. Don't think he's not pulling us up. I think he is calling to the more negative side of us. All right. We'll see how this goes general Stanley mcchrystal. The book is out leaders myth and reality. Congratulations on everyone can benefit from it. Not just people that were lucky enough to get through West Point. Thanks a lot general. Thanks bye. All right. You just had three segments with general Stanley mcchrystal. Isn't it? Great next. Another great guest. Arthur Brooks, a.

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