Broncos, Redskins, Mike Klis discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


Secretly hoping all the ski resorts, the people at copper listening feel free to cancel the lessons. That's right. Because you're your lessons had sons the other day that were cancelled right because all the copper actually cancelled them yesterday. Can you believe in our boys have them tomorrow? And you know, I mean, the bottom line is if you miss it, you you just kind of eat it. But I mean, there's no way they're going up there today. I mean, that's his that's when you have native saying this is like Snowmageddon. Yeah. I mean, you got to listen to that. Right. It's either at the very least it's going to be very dangerous or extremely frustrating. And then you get stuck on the way back on avalanche mitigation all that is not gonna work. All right onto football enough of that stuff. Broncos are going to send case keenum to the Redskins. Broncos are going to save three million bucks in the process. They're going to get Washington. Sixth round pick next year and give the Redskins their seventh rounder in the twenty twenty draft. Our Broncos insider, Mike Klis of nine news broke the story. He makes an extra half million. And he gets a chance to compete for a starting job. The bronx. Goes in the end save three million and go up around in the draft in Washington gets an experience starting quarterback to compete with call Cole McCoy, I think they would call that a win win win. The deal will become official when the new league year starts next Wednesday at two pm mountain time, no deal between the bills and Steelers sounded like they were getting close last night to a trade that would have sent Antonio Brown from Pittsburgh to buffalo, but it all fell apart. It's not gonna happen reportedly because Brown does wanna play in buffalo avalanche falls in Dallas losing to the stars four. Nothing. Alexander Radulovich had a hat trick for the stars. Ben Bishop stopped all thirty one shots. He faced after defensemen Tyson. Berry said they couldn't crack the guy. He's big down low. He covers everything there.

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