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So let's talk in a minute about. What many people say they could have done that. They didn't but but i what what were the biggest questions at the committee. Had for telford going into friday. Well the the committee wanted to know whether she had briefed the prime minister. And if she hadn't why hadn't she. Who made the decision not to inform the prime minister who decided not to tell the prime minister. I actually didn't learn about the. I knew nothing about the complaint. We didn't even have a rumor to go on in this situation. We knew that there was a complaint period. I mean th. They wanted to know what what what she knew. There was and there continues to be some confusion about precisely the information that was put into her hands and in the hands of other senior in the prime minister's office because Another senior official elder marquez testified before the committee that he had received a personal misconduct complaint involving vance but he only assumed that it was sexual in nature. The important sensitive and unusual nature of this matter was in the obvious to me even in the absence of any details regarding the allegation and the prime minister has said his staff didn't know it was a me too complaint in two thousand eighteen. My office was aware of the ministers direction to the ombudsman. But my office and i learned of the details of the allegation through news reporting over the past months which is something that the opposition parties find incredulous right now. I know that that that is one of the things. That katie telford echoed on friday. That she also did not know that this complaint was sexual in nature. I have had a hard time kind of wrapping my head around this as well because garry walberg did testify that he told the minister of defense that this was a sexual misconduct allegations. So i'm not sure why didn't make its way to the pm. Owes also global news is reporting emails that they got through access to information requests that show that the allegation was being classified as sexual harassment allegation as well so there were people in senior levels of government that were calling this a sexual harassment allegation right. Let's write in co Or the privy council office which had been charged with reviewing The informal allegation that had written down that it was a matter of sexual harassment but it is very difficult for this particular government to admit right at the top that it knew of a sexual harassment complaint against the most senior military leader and that senior military continued to serve right for three years for for three years so if we are to believe what what katie telfer testified and what Elder marquez is testified. Then there's only two things the first is that the they didn't inform the prime minister which would be in the opposition's view dereliction of duty. But if they didn't then it was perhaps for plausible deniability so either way it doesn't look good. I know there's a lot of people that are that are still finding this rather difficult to believe that the that the pm just didn't know right. And so just a recap this this is what can you tell for. Testified to on friday that she didn't know that it was quote me to complained that it was a sexual misconduct and that she did not tell the prime minister about this. Did you say anything else that you say why. She didn't tell the prime minister at this or who made the decision to not tell the prime minister of any other moments from her testimony. That stand out to you. Couple of moments. The for the first was that in not telling the prime minister Many of the senior liberals seem to be hanging their hat on well. We didn't have enough information. And there wasn't enough information that was generated from the privy council office review. I would just remind us of. We knew which was. We didn't know anything about the allegation. At the time you knew timeshare. Lord alexander share water. Well the they would have had more information. Had the defense minister actually looked at the evidence that the ombudsman had offered him. So that's that's number one And number two There were other avenues that they could have pursued there were other investigative avenues from the privy council office ordering some kind of workplace safety audit the way they did with the governor general to handing the matter over to the the military police to investigate to see whether or not there was some kind of code of service discipline violation. They could also just gone to general dance and said what's going on we. We're we're hearing this but none of this happened. And the the fact that it wasn't necessarily addressed entirely in katie telford testimony was was something that that stood out to me. The other thing that stood out to me was that upon reflection. You know she. She was saying that she should have asked some deeper questions. I have wondered. i should have further. Questioned the general when he told me about his commitment to me too. That's fair but i don't know how how it gets. The government out of its current circumstances. What did you know. when did you know it. And what did you do And so you know. I think you're hitting on on what i keep coming back to you with this issue. Is that every time we learn something new. You just see why people might think here that everyone has passed the buck that this just got caught up in this and also that this just got caught up in this byzantine. Hr process which is obviously a huge problem for the woman at the center of the allegation and also a huge problem. Because not only is this government the takes or says that they take issues affecting women very seriously but this is also the head of the military murray. No it is. I mean and there there are some very very important points that seemed to have been missed. Not in the debate but missed by the the government than the first the first one is that an allegation of sexual misconduct however vague against the most senior military commander in the country is a national security issue. I i wrote about this a few weeks ago. But i have to have to come back and emphasize the point that general dance had not only canada's top secrets top military secrets but he was nato cleared so he was aware of our allies secrets as well and the idea that there is some kind of allegation puts him in an extraordinarily compromising position. The fact that it wasn't followed up just for that matter is jaw dropping from my perspective. And i have kept asking the government repeatedly about why the national security adviser at the time. Daniel shaw was not involved in this review and was not made a prize. Now daniel schorr testified and the same line comes up. Well we didn't have enough information. I would suggest that. In other.

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