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Most of us like to be out in the sun that's why sunscreen and other safety measures are key to protect your skin from aging and cancer. The FDA recommended using sunscreen with a sun protection factor or SPF, fifteen higher also look for broad spectrum on the label that means both harmful ultraviolet a and B raised of blonde UPA raise age the skin you be raised burn and both caused cancer but the perfect sunscreen doesn't county use it wrong? Don't need sunscreen on a cloudy day wrong eighty percent beauty race still get through behaves only use sunscreen at the beach. Anytime. You're outside you be raised attack the skin. So you need protection and you have to reapply sunscreen every two hours remember SPF plus broad spectrum Ethan helping fun in the Sun visit www dot FDA dot gov slash sunscreen for more information a message from the US Food and Drug Administration I'm going to tell you how you can get real health care for as little as six dollars a day. Yes. Now you can get affordable health care for you and your family immediately and save as much as fifty percent off your current monthly healthcare payments are plans are perfect for people that are self employed can't afford health benefits where they were or just WanNa pay less for their current health care and coverages guaranteed regardless of your medical condition we even offer some of the new Christian faith based health benefits save up to fifty percent on your family's healthcare make a free call. Now there are no contracts and we give you a ten day money back trial period call provisioning enrollment. Right, now, for your risk-free guaranteed health insurance quote starting at six dollars a day, eight, hundred, four, seven, two, five, one, four, five, eight, hundred, four, seven, two, five, one, four, five, that's eight, hundred, four, seven to fifty. One forty, five, attention homeowners do you have a house that's in need of serious repairs? Do you have tennis at never seem to make their monthly payments? How about code violations past due taxes or maintenance cost? You just can't afford then call my friends right now quick cash offer they specialize in buying any home no matter how ugly the situation turn that problem property into cash right now it's just that simple one call and you can get rid of that home headache for. They by the ugliest houses with instant closings, Instan-, cash, and huge savings plus there no realtor fees no listing fees no repair costs just cash in your hands. For that painful property, they're buying a few more houses in your neighborhood this.

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