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Montana, Wyoming, Idaho discussed on Red Eye Radio


Are the scandal Nunez is a scandal the house intelligence committee is corrupt the Democrats are corrupt go ahead we'll go to federal judge will all the way up to the Supreme Court on this yet that's where I play it here's your forecast the weather system providing all the rain for the central part of the country beginning to take on some different characteristics we will continue to see rain for the northeast northern Ohio most of P. A. and on into the New England states will also see showers in the desert southwest New Mexico over to the Texas panhandle and up through northwestern Oklahoma but the mid section of the country will begin to dry out a little bit today and much more clearing for Friday another noticeable change in the weather directly attributed to this frontal boundary will be a big temperature drop places like Philadelphia yesterday ninety one the high for today sixty eight for New York City Wednesdays high was eighty six today. fifty eight degrees for Dallas Texas daytime highs will be in the nineties for the next several days also more snow in the forecast for Friday for Idaho western Montana and northwestern Wyoming your national forecast from red eye radio I'm meteorologist John trout. it can happen to anyone finding yourself out of a job and losing your home for escaping financial crisis will becoming a victim of domestic abuse sometimes you.

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