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Welcome back Dr Barry Taff holds a doctorate in psycho physiology with a minor and biomedical engineering is a world renowned para psychologist he's worked out of UCLA's former parapsychology lab from sixty nine to seventy eight and as I said a couple of minutes ago is investigated thousands of cases some of the most celebrated the most interesting and frightening cases in the poltergeist I haunting ghost realm perhaps more than any other man of science I'm very it's great to have you back on the program thank you George the pleasure to be here so are you still actively investigating cases well not at this moment because I almost died in two thousand and fifteen what happened that it's a well long story short I was visiting a friend and I in the desert and I collapsed twice in the group with the ER I remember going in and I woke up the next day with tubes coming out of my body long story short I had acute prostatitis my prostate swelled up so large that Mike should be through a longer draining into my bladder and you can die from that an ideal no symptoms are just passing out passing out and so I was in the hospital for five weeks did you get sepsis yes I know right that what I was used to the idea of getting that but I didn't get it but I knew I was in the hospital for five weeks the tubes coming out of my my kidneys and a Foley catheter I couldn't urinate directly and then let's see then I had to stay in a nursing home for a year because I wasn't functional up yet to be on my own and then after that my kid BC healed enough that they could pull out the the prostitutes and I was able to urinate directly because apple Foley catheter but I had stayed another nursing home for nine months to make sure there was any follow up they need we current situation so that we may have lost the money I had and I had to give up my car because of it oh my god and I almost died so I then I can live with a friend in Rancho Mirage and then we moved from that house to another house we're in palm desert and what's so odd about that hi I mean of all this are the is that my friend I'm going for more than a quarter century and I only knew me as a business associate they hired me to do some technical writing back in the nineties for a company they put together Hey as I known but not well I just knew that he had never had a paranormal experience in the life long story short I moved into the house his home in two thousand seventeen out in April two thousand seventeen and within five weeks of them being there paranormal phenomena breaks out disembodied voices out of ports objects are appearing and disappearing people are yelling like machines going are off and it happened to me a few times my friend heard and why this is happening at my age given my condition here and now after we try to move to a better house and better quieter I don't want nothing to happen here for five months things began happening here and it it it's just anything Lewis anomaly disembodied voices apparitions the whole nine yards and why why is this happening around my friend and I when these types of events and never happened around me before this is where it gets really interesting or it we learned that being exposed to certain energies if you're susceptible to them will alter your nervous system in a way it modifies you we don't yet understand how can you begin to propagate this energy from yourself under the right conditions in the right environment so I was on a case from two thousand five to six I went there twenty one times I ended up in the hospital nineteen times after going there at very very turbulent case in in Benedict canyon anyway long story short all the stuff going on this new house why why around my friend and me which we've never had anything happen and talking to me months ago after the level of flurry of things happened here M. hello Mr medley was on me that some health problems that much is it generation younger inmates and one of the medications he refers to the first of may is one that is it's an anti convulsant I went whoa right well you said focal seizures yeah I got out here we go the most common somatic connection anything paranormal I've ever observed or documented is the fact an extraordinarily high percentage of poltergeist aging people will probably have anything happen are either seizure prone up electric however most people worry seizure brown or a black bear I'm not exactly so my friend was they can use magic to come off and suddenly all the stuff started happening around here what a coincidence another example of what history has taught well we're gonna get into some examples of where that pops up in your work in the cases that you investigate I was gonna say that's a theme through a lot of your research over the years that I wanted to ask you it in the context of something I don't know if you followed it at all but we've written about ten fifteen years ago right I wrote a a co wrote a book about a place called skinwalker ranch and and in the years since then there was a government study a secret Pentagon study that used the ranch is a lab and several the military people who went there in fact several of the if not a majority of the people who have visited that ranch for research purposes over the years have brought something home with them and it's as if something attach is itself they call it the native Americans live there called hitchhiker and I wanted to know if that sort of pops up in your research and I guess maybe you've just answered it in a way it does pop up that way more certain people but first let me say that the book hunt for the skinwalker is superbly written you did an extraordinary job clear definitive information compelling exciting thoughtful and provocative and like I say I read the whole thing in one take I could not stop reading great job I read all the stuff that followed it and this theories about what's going on and what we learned now is there are certain freeware free requisites to being a poltergeist aged let's put it here a good analogy you got a DVD in your head you want to watch what's on the DVD what do you need what you need the DVD player you need a television they've got to be connected and both must be plugged into the wall and not what they do need a remote and he put the D. V. D. N. Wallach there's images on the screen before you okay you must be seems to be true when you're dealing with the second connect Max station there are several variables that must are parameters that must working relationship one is location location location strong electromagnetic anomaly field or anomalous geomagnetic field who is an individual who was hypersensitive these types of energies which is a very small percentage of the human population I say less than five percent maybe one percent also someone who's hyper sensitive to electromagnetic and net magnetic energy to begin with they need someone who also ECG partner up electric even if they don't know what a lot of people was seizure prone they never get kindle to the point of having a seizure thankfully and in fact the very first time I was on coast to coast a long long time ago following that apparently got all kinds of calls and all these people telling me about they're young they're on medication for the epilepsy and when they stop taking all this stuff transpired around them okay so these are things that have to be important then we also have these individual haft they have a poor coping message back innocent for dealing with stress psycho physical stress around them and of all those work together in concert you get one more element and that is very helpful what we what I would refer to as a doctor of resonance coupling means it didn't if if you meet all the other criteria of this get the pattern you your nervous system must be in the same frequency band with a lock lock of a better term of that environment and it resonates in induction when that happens you become the laser on the DVD and and knowing that you could do studies using very expensive imaging technology to determine what's really going on when this happens but if your medical doctor orders yeah working in the field of medicine and you did work in this area you never work again your career would end very abruptly I would think you're crazy and what's in this is where it gets really weird drawers really we're the energy involved in poltergeist stuff make things fly around the room massive object make people be paroled banging noises smashing noises spontaneous combustion of matter cold spot ports objects buried in this area the energy involved with it whatever it is it's not electromagnetic if not nuclear energy dot gravitational but it can affect all of them and the way this unknown energy let's call it zero point for lack of a better term the way this unknown energy coupled with us is to arrive our bio magnetic field electric field the bio magnetic field and in case after case take out engineering grade electric instruments to measure the environment now measure electrical fields relief measure magnetic fields is more difficult for various reasons we we we can measure people's electric feel less like there's no tomorrow no big deal by Matt Denning feels that extremely weak comparatively like three orders of magnitude weaker if not more so so you try to measure their by Americans still within handheld instruments you get no reading however if you put it near a Holter Geist agent body you're seeing these bursts of magnetic flux coming out of their body but not around normal people which means your body to put it out thousands not thousands maybe tens of thousands of times more energy than the average person so this is the pattern and get this remotely and sister it's the faces make change places make trains but the events do not you know every time I eat I go on your website I've I can kiss away an hour or two because I get stuck there reading these incredible cases and even though you're not able to get out and do field work right now you are able to write about the amazing cases you've already investigated and and take new new hints at that your name just kind of popped into my head about three weeks ago and I ask myself what would bury tap is doing these days I sent myself an email they can you know he should reach out to him it's been a long time since he was on the show not realizing that you would not have been able to be on the shelf for years yeah yeah I was I would have to do it in my sleep yeah but but but the way I had said you know you mentioned some similarities in cases that run through a lot of the research that you've done and I want to start with one that you wrote about in September two thousand fourteen it's called a poltergeist case to remember this sort of goes along with what how where we started this conversation whether things can attach themselves to people and they carry them around in there so a photo the striking blonde on the page where you're right about this case and it seems like she is somebody who carried this thing wherever she goes you you wrote sort of jokingly that what are the chances that this woman Lisa would live in a haunted house five times in a row it's like hitting the lottery five times in a row but in a bad way but that's what was so pick up the story and and sort of Phyllis him on whether Saddam is in case by fifteen years ago my colleague Barry Conrad knight we worked worked together on many many cases he needs this really beautiful girl named Lisa okay so they need to get get longer she's going to move out here she moves in with them it's great she's a wonderful girl and she goes out in the first case with us to help us with your monitoring things and taking photos and video okay and if you've been interested in but but she never talked about having common the frequently common experience so okay we go out in the case nothing great interesting case the measurements showed nothing of interest the people so that living in the home sounds a little strange we what I've learned is that only unless you listen what they say in response to questions but how they say it but anyway we come home the next day phenomena starts around Lisa and it was just one thing after another banging noises luminous anomalies in berry Conrad's home in in locker Senta and the what's so amazing about the cases Lisa became get the with the flurry of activity like boom boom boom things happening.

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