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Right. Well, not not to mention they had ample reason to think he would destroy evidence and he had already threatened somebody right threatened a witness Randy credit co exactly you are one hundred percent, correct. There was plenty of reason for them to do what they did. I mean, speaking of threatening mean, that's the first thing is a clear threat to judge Amy Berman Jackson with the crosshairs. I mean, we've talked about this before Jill. But this is so mobbing the whole thing is mob. Like, it is it is all the time. Are everything they say from Trump calling Kohn a rat. I would say Rico racketeer influenced corrupt organizations law that was designed for organized crime, but has uses well beyond organized crime. Now. Is one that certainly applies to the efforts of the Trump organization that Trump foundation, the Trump administration the Trump inaugural. What's going on? So what give me your take on yesterday? What were you surprised by? What weren't you surprised by it seems to me she came out because I think people were afraid that she was going to be intimidated in terms of how she would react. But I feel like it was a pretty scathing takedown, particularly of this whole ridiculous. No collusion claim when the trial was not about collusion. Right. Yes. Number one. I never expected her to be intimidated. If she was intimidated, she would afoot. Rodney don't in jail as soon as he put that target behind her head. So he's not easily intimidated. She's not. And the question now is what is she or the DC bar going to do about downing who went outside of court after what you clearly heard. I clearly heard what everyone is listening to us clearly heard the judge say, and if you read the transcript of the hearing yesterday, the judge clearly that series, no case of collusion before this court is a non sequitur to talk about it. That's nothing to do with why he's here. There's nothing to do with wising sentence or what his sentence will be. And then he went outside and set the judge clearly there's no collusion. That was an appeal for a harden aimed at an audience of one Donald Trump. And it is a clear lot. It is a complete misstatement. And it was great fate. Wouldn't pass a red face test anywhere in the world. And I think someone has to do something about that. That is a third statement. It's more in the line of I'm trying to. The jury pool I'm trying to get people to believe that there's nothing here. And that's not what this is about. He was under investigation for his tax and fraud Bank fraud for a long time. And of course within minute. I think it was twenty nine minutes after. The sentence that he was indicted in the state of New York. Yeah. Well, so what obviously big day yesterday legally. Right. Because clearly that is you know, I mean Trump can't pardon him for state charges. So what what does this do to this whole situation? Do you think Joe? Well, it doesn't mean that Trump won't pardon him. And maybe could even use it as an excuse saying, well, you know, what let another jurisdiction take care of it. It's hard to say because I don't feel that Rasmo visions that are predictable are being made by anyone involved the Trump, right? And so I can't always predict what isn't logical. Yeah. I think logically. I see X happens. Then why will be the consequence? But nobody cares about the past the questions, they may do things that are unrelated to the consequences. It's very hard to predict what will happen. There will be I'm sure we could all predict that there will be arguments from Manafort that violates New York double jeopardy, which is much stricter than the federal double jeopardy. Yeah..

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