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The resistible to people for the same reason you can pretty much only worked at a carnival is for just prove to himself he has no shame it's called here's your host Ryan Kaufman welcome in third hour of the show third hour of our virtual draft and I gotta say if we can pull this off with only what one gas getting disconnected so far pretty good not that I ever believe that the NFL general managers that were complaining had any reason to but ours is gone pretty well let's get you updated we won't of course do what's driving the show because what's driving the show is this draft so just update you where we're at right now a no surprises in the top five borough young who dot words and talk the talk of I. Lola thanks thank you to Dylan Scott of channel five for picking for the giants Josh Appel from sports USA media picking for the dolphins than we had so cal Dave call in and pick Isaiah Simmons for the LA Chargers Josh Kline our friend from the right report pick Derrick brown from Auburn at number seven I was on the clock for both the cardinals and the jags I took Giedroyc wills the tackle from Alabama to protect Kyler Murray and then I said the jags have their new face of the franchise in Justin Herbert at number nine Jeff Bennett the head coach of the Colorado College women's soccer team jumped aboard and took Andrew Thomas the tackle out of Georgia he was followed up by Steven Rodriguez the host of believe in New York football on the believe podcast network he wasn't going to let it tackle slip by he took my car I backed in and that was a rap for that top four group of tackles Ben Aaron came in with this first of two picks for the raiders he took CD lamb out of Oklahoma I was on the clock for the forty Niners into Jerry Judy mark Moses by Fran from down in Florida host to the mark Moses Moses show on sports radio fifteen sixty he went outside the box he said everything is about Brady now and he took Jonathan Taylor out of Wisconsin with the fourteenth pick we put the vote to you for the Denver Broncos and you ended up with the same guy that has been mocked to the Broncos pretty much all along and I see I have failed miserably in trying to convince you otherwise you guys took Henry Ruggs the third out of Alabama tug Cowart from Atlanta sports acts came in with CJ Henderson the quarterback from Florida my brother Ethan when a little bit off the board a just a little bit in terms of the mock drafts but Brandon I upped the wide receiver from Arizona state figures to go in the first round tonight all right he likes is the body type for Iraq with that cowboys team to complement the Amari Cooper then Josh Appel came back in let me know that Josh Jones the tackle out of Houston profiles much better as a right tackle that works because he he has the dolphins taking a left handed quarterback so Josh Jones the tackle out of Houston it was pick eighteen and before the top of the hour we had the Erin with the second of two picks pake AJ Terrell the cornerback out of Clemson rejoins his former teammate Cleveland feral I was taken last year so pretty good couple of picks for the raiders and then at twenty I was back on the clock for the jags and I said Kristian Fulton bass corner on the board at number twenty I'm gonna take him now we're into the third and final hour a manga my guess Matt Pauly our old friend here Carl springs will join me to pick for the Packers because that's who covers now we will also have it Davey Hudson the host of believe it tightens on a little bit later to talk about Tennessee my good buddy and broadcast partner Roland Varga H. later this hour as wealth picking for the ravens well I have Josh Appel again well I've J. gate in here and just about five or ten minutes and we got a lot of teams open here on the back end so if you're listening and you would like to pay for the Vikings the saints the Seahawks or the forty Niners the opportunity is open for you at five two two nine eight seven two but the eagles are up right now and joining me to pick for his beloved Philadelphia Eagles is somebody that I miss dearly these days we are just getting going as a pretty good team him as my producer but excited to have back on the show Mr just live and winger named Josiah I miss you buddy how are you doing I mean you Ryan I'm doing pretty well All Things Considered I'm highlighting all the insider all raw plugging along on the how do you feel about the way things have gone so far you've been listening you've been seeing these pics what sticks out to you so far well I would try that Jonathan Taylor went so early I had at the end of the first round it's that and then all four tackles were gone before the Broncos were able to take that was surprising to me as well if you look at your Philadelphia Eagles of course they are gone in over the Dallas Cowboys last year Carson Wentz supposedly healthy if you had to pick out two or three of the biggest needs for the eagles what would you pick our wide receiver and defensive back so that's where I receiver and defensive back what we all right so that leads us into we've had rugs we've had Judy we've had lamb all go off the board we on the defensive side we've had AJ Terrell and Christian Fulton and CJ Henderson I have heard that the eagles are expected to be very busy tonight maybe moving up but they have to stay at twenty one Josiah who do they select with the twenty first pick with the twenty third pick the eagles select Justin Jefferson I think love is there we love it as eagles fans he's a perfect fit for our I love it we'll go Justin Jefferson wide receiver out of LSU a lot of people including Mel Kuiper have the right the Broncos taking Jefferson so it's six picks later the eagles can get I'm I'm sure they'll be ecstatic I know you've been a big campaigner for Justin Peters to get employment elsewhere but it looks like maybe Trent Williams could be coming to the eagles did you read those reports today I did I would be very excited for that the report is that we have a lot of problems with Andre Dillard right now and we don't really trust him on the left the left tackle spot no if we could get prince William that would be a ninety six we'll see what they do tonight Philadelphia Eagles selecting Justin Jefferson the wide receiver out of LSU I thank you Josiah feel free to text me tonight and I enjoyed the draft you're sure you do all right bye Josiah's I pretty sure he will be my producer again once all of this stuff is settled but just Jefferson going twenty one overall to the eagles JKT will be joining me in just a couple of minutes I want to first get to the Minnesota Vikings and the Minnesota Vikings have an interesting situation they're in they're good football team they've had potentially some guys fall a little bit and I think that the Vikings are in a position where they can go best player available now they did trade stuff on decks so where do you possibly the Minnesota the Vikings go Jake's waiting on the line so I got to be decisive here **** I'll actually I can speak I mean I feel like couldn't they use someone like a divine chem lawn but he's a tackle how well AJ I've ever been NASA from Iowa let's take him at twenty two Vikings could use a pass rusher so let's not let's do that and without further ado let's bring in one half of the outstanding sports team at channel five I J. gated is my guest first and foremost Jake thoughts and prayers all right but I'm telling you Gronk was never going to play for the patriots and he was not going to be a huge impact I too as big of an impact is people think he's going to be in Tampa do you agree I do agree and it took me a while you're never gonna play New England that like that was never going to happen again because Tom Brady left but I do think he was undervalued by New England thanks for trump pick for the best tight end in NFL history is a little pathetic I think they should have been able to get if you look at the line straight two years ago I first a second bird rock in a second that shows his his ability now I was reading this my friends the past you know twenty four forty eight hours you know yes he hasn't played for a year but at the same time you usually a hundred like basically as healthy as you can get by from using intrusion stillness like from from the this year will couple years ago personally you never gonna play the New England we should've gone higher draft pick I think the second round thank which will lead into what what we're about to talk about I think a second round pick for Gronk paired with like a fifth rounder sixty rounder with rock and and did that with doing good of god but instead they settled for fourth got rid of them and that's how how what all went down so I'm how do you I hate it I mean obviously to see Gronk go to Tampa it's it's gotta hurt a little bit but you get a fourth round pick back right bill Belichick weaves magic with those so I given the way that this draft is gone and just given the way that you're expecting this to go Jordan was on the board I'm just telling you Jordan love is still available if our reporter back is available will the patriots pounce regardless of which quarterback my question yes okay are we are we picking at twenty three or we able to move up in the draft well let well let me ask you because for this you're you're staying where you are and Jordan love is on the board but let's put that aside for a second okay how might help who who has to fall and how far for the patriots to try to move up and grab somebody she was just thirteen or fifteen I think off fifteen with the Broncos or whoever the Broncos trade would begin Juni because I think they're gonna trade up to thirteen or eleven to get you here thirteen or ten but I think thirteen with forty Niners fifteen for whatever the Broncos trade with which probably might be the proud that they end up going to ten any still into is sitting there if you graph and same thing with Justin Herbert I think those are the two guys that are definitely grab you I think it's going to be gone in my personal opinion I think he's going to sunny San Diego are sunny LA excuse me sorry and the exam with sandy I had to play for the Chargers I think she was gonna drop at my end doesn't wrap him that went five or whatever it was I do not think he treats are in love with Jordan love I think if if you were there the grabbing of a thirteen or fifteen if not they're actually in my personal opinion trading out of the first round so this kind of need to do next question I don't think they St tickets twenty three I think it is getting to and dropping up warm bust the reason I say that is this I think there's a big gap between the first and third round picks is over a hundred I think.

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