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Had a bunch offers for smaller schools. I gave me is rules. I didn't have any doi- offers. So I was just trying to battle through that knowing that someone's going to come sooner or later, but I always wanted to play a boy you so they owe me to walk on there. And I wasn't turned that down. I always wanted to play there. So yeah that was easy for me. Would you think of that Bluefield? The first time you saw it. All the time. I grew up watching the game a little kid on the games, and and enjoying experience that way, but actually getting getting to be able to around the seal before the game, and they employ out. It was all though, what did you expect this year coming into the NFL as a rookie? That's a good question to I thought. I thought it was gonna take a little bit time getting going, but obviously been thrust into position. I am now with Sean bean doubt. And just starting in a moment and making the most of it as being confident myself. What was the welcome to the NFL moment. That's with you been asset at the time here and there, but I mean that I I'm Jay practice. I guess you could say no lines a lot faster than calling. Into that only took like a few snaps in maybe a day a practice, but other than that. I mean, it's just an it's an full go on blatant. But you get out there. And everybody says that you know, the game is so fast. But then the great ones always say eventually the game slows down, I think just because you get used to that speed. Have you gotten used to the speed of the NFL? Yeah. I think I think there's definitely there's some teams are some teams are a little bit different dollars. So you got to get used to that that way. But I think for the most part of the game is is has as down quite a bit since the beginning of the season. So just taking that in there, and they keep gain coffees keep keep didn't experience out there and all of those coming and just play fast being aggressive. What was your opinion reaction thoughts when you first met Jerry Jones? On my official. Visit my phone visit here in the spring and I got socked him office. And that was the first time I'd ever been like that. I mean, he's awesome us. He's the real deal that your fan. He knows his stuff. He's extremely sharp. And he just didn't really respectable guy. You don't do an impersonation of Jerry Jones d. No, no. Good answer. They're very good. I talked to Jalen Smith last week. And I asked him how much he benched max bench. You know, what he said? What do you say four ninety?.

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