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I a deadly prison riot in south carolina now martinez employs of the south carolina department of corrections are facing federal charges related to bribery and bringing contraband into prisons us attorney beth drake the defendants charged in clay corrections officers a nurse fade service employees a groundskeeper the prison workers are accused of giving inmates cell phones drugs alcohol and tobacco products the criminal charges come a week after a south carolina prison riot which left seven inmates dead and twenty two injured jim krasula cbs news santa barbara mental protection agency chief scott pruitt will face crucial hearings on capitol hill during the day he's expected to face questions about spending an ethics scandals that have triggered by partisan calls for his ouster he's scheduled to testify about his agency's budget before two house subcommittees i'm tom foty cbs news it's one zero five at the bay area's news station kcbs sunny today have the morning overcast good morning i'm larry sharoni here's what's happening as reported on the hourly news the thirties in sacramento say they've finally caught a man they believe murdered a dozen people and rape more than fifty in the nineteen seventies and eighties kcbs reported acceleration has more on the arrest of a suspect in the golden state killer case it was just last week that investigators began to focus on joseph james diangelo suspecting he might be the man who raped more than fifty women east of sacramento in the east bay and in southern california and killed a dozen people during a nineteen seventies and eighties crime spree that ended abruptly in nineteen eightysix county da gregg totten says dna evidence gave a thirties what they needed to arrest the angelo in front of his citrus hi tom it is the culmination of a decades long unrelenting investigation that singularly focused on bringing this rapist and killer to justice he's being charged with murdering a couple in ventura and is also under suspicion for murdering a couple in rancho cordova sacramento sheriff scott jones says de ngelo had been a cop advice elliott then in auburn where he was fired for shoplifting very possibly he was committing crimes during the time he was employed as a peace officer on obviously we'll be looking into whether it was actually on the job more charges are expected and they will carry the.

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