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Always challenged to come up with names. What do you think we do for the title of a book? Just all the titles of the episodes mashed onto the cover. That would be amazing. It's also a book with those that would be a me that that could be Listen you people out there. Listening. Tell us. Twenty twenty five page long title. To help us at type it. Accepting. Who Listen Father's Day is a week away. Everybody who, if we did not mention why your dad or why? You were great on this podcast episode Danny can people aren't day if they disagree with US 'cause I'm sure also maybe people think we about MOM's. Different podcast. This is DAD's. With. Wait till next May, or if we miss something, tell us how Danny. How would these people tell us if we miss them instagram facebook at that so hard podcast twitter at or pod. Email. DOTS on podcast at website. We Are Dad's hard dot com I. Mean if you Google Dad so hard. One of our names come find us, but please guys let us Lee or girls or men, women or anyone ever you identify, we do not care how identify yourself is on you identify and tell us work great. Owns your fan. We take just. Just listen and tell us that we're great and. We'll give it right back and we'll be. We may a t shirt. Dan Did you notice what I'm wearing today I'm thrown about the old school the throwback. Again Watch on Youtube. These shirts are no longer available. These are sold out except for extra charges but we still have our red ones high stock red red last. Right onto the best if you need more. Do you need more. Do you have any you should? I gave you a bag. Downtown I have a ton. But, if you need sure, let us know and listen celebrate your father's weekend. Everybody tell them call them if they were to grave. Pray to them and say prayer Like, look to the heavens. Don't have a dad. Celebrate your mother on Father's Day long yet one. Or, walk to your neighbor, and say Abbey Father's Day, but if you just have a mom celebrating. Listen I know a bunch of I. WanNa Single Mom friends in the neighborhood in the town I, I'm fully supporting their kids. Your mom happy father's Day because she's doing a both. And we are absolutely unity community. Enjoy it, everybody Danny. What else would you want to tell people? Your words of wisdom going to father's Day weekend. Let Your Dad Relax. It's been a rough quarantine. Step it up malone and don't yell. So share that little bit with your kids. And then we will be back. We'll be. We'll be back next week and we'll you know. How are we've survive father's Day battle recap. What we cap it all to you. Okay? We love you guys..

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