Washington, Donald Trump, Congressman Tom Marino discussed on NPR News Now - NPR News: 10-17-2017 9AM ET


Live from npr news in washington on korver coleman president trump has tweeted this morning that congressman tom marino has withdrawn his name from consideration as drug czar marino had come under fire for helping to push legislation to weaken the drug enforcement administration's powers to stop drug makers from distributing opioids california fire officials say at least forty one people have died as wildfires scorched northern california firefighters are putting up more containment lines around several blazes one of the worst affected cities a santa rosa residents tom and catherine andrew's returned to find their homestanding but saw that many of their neighbours lost their is to the wildfires burned all the way up to our house burned overblown bloomberg word to say we were spared lordy but none of our in how many of our neighbours lost their homes as you know this on the other side of us california fire officials say that more than forty thousand people remain evacuated stress and anxiety levels are rising among people who live in puerto rico it's been nearly a month since hurricane maria hit npr's adrian florido says many residents are looking for ways to relax it was raining but the net look by some yoga and her friends were sitting outside their housing project east of the capital sungkwon on monday singing and playing bomba linda films were trying to ease our stress she said because they're still no power and food is still hard to find across the people are going a little stircrazy from being in the dark going on four weeks.

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