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Coalition of turns on, come on news. Now your political insights from ABC News. Another deadly police suspect encounter igniting fears of violent protests, something President Biden says he's grateful that the victim's mother has asked demonstrators not to do. I was really pleased that she called for no peaceful protest, no no violence, you know, movement at all. President Biden will continue promoting his economic plans this week. He visits Baltimore to show how the bipartisan infrastructure law will replace a more than century old tunnel to speed the workday commute, and then to New York to promote spending on upgrading train services below the Hudson River. Former vice president Pence on a book tour addressing classified papers is staff found at his home after reports of similar findings that President Biden and former president Trump's homes. Those classified documents should not have been in my personal residence. Mistakes were made. And I take full responsibility. Andy field, ABC News. For what it's worth, I'm Derek Dennis. Dale dean surprised doctors in Newton, Texas last week by surviving a direct lightning strike. Dean says his truck got stuck in the mud during a storm and he was hitching it up to be towed out when. The lightning struck and it's strike mean. Through the cable and it knocked me about three feet over in the ditch. It was a real scary moment for me. A coworker called dean supervisor for help giving him to the hospital at the hospital doctors told dean the lightning passing through his body should have caused a heart attack. His wife Beverly joined him at the hospital and took him home. On our way home from the hospital, I reached over and I grabbed his hand and I thought, if it would have been different, I would have been coming home by myself. According to the CDC, odds of being struck by lightning in any given year are one in a million. Dean says he's blessed to have survived the strike. For what it's worth, I'm Derek Dennis, ABC News. I'm Joe frost with ABC

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