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The thought we'd do we made our move we have darvish richil and alex would have been great we do need one more marqui arm we think darvish is it tonight that's all put to the test on the road in a hostile environment so darvish in his last five starts at lo let's do it this way in his first five star which with the dodgers hit a 534 era in his last five starts with the dodgers he's got a point eighty eight era that includes the playoffs and batters are hitting all ninety against him when he gets to strike so that's one thing to look at tonight is is he able to establish himself and get ahead in the count particularly with the fastball inside that he likes to throw any trouble in the first innings this year if he gets out of the first inning that's a really good side you of a run in these cubs start in the first name you know and then he settled down after yeah so it so that i hate lands you this you know what a answer it when we come back but i in you may know the answer do we know who the dh is tonight djc yes or no do you know dino nice who okay so we'll kick around who that should be when we come back david ross at the bottom of the hour who's been covering the world series me and in his in houston with you who beat the game tonight john breaking news and not actually a surprise the.

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