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If you ever fought for anyone else, he's aware that he's changed. And he knows there was the scene where you know, Ian, McShane showed up, and he kind of learned to be a better person get into it. And just points out. You know, I fought to protect you barrack turns up and he's like reenergize. Together in areas. Like fuck you guys goes lame. I'm leaving. And and leaves. She comes and finds Gandhari she's practicing with her bow. And he gives her the weapon he made. So the weapon I believe is similar to the weapon that the way fused that she fought again sort of a staff staff with two dragging glass bleeds at the end. So what those are called I plan video games that you'd think I would I would remember there's a word for it that kind of a weapon like a double bladed staff, but I think she's to Darth maul weapon. Right. Right, basically. So I think she's going to be wrecking shit with that. And then he tells her, you know, they're kind of just talking he tells her that he's Robert breath bastard, he tells the story of sort of she starts asking him about his sexual experience. He talks about the red woman how that was kind of his first sexual experience. Basically was this weird seduction and then violation by her. But then he's been with girls since then. And she kind of says, we'll will you be with me because I wanna know what it's like before I die, and it's actually a really sweet scene and they also little uncomfortable because it's hard not to think of aria as a little girl. Yeah. Like is. He how old is she even at this point. Yeah. I know. But it they they think they handled it pretty well considering I mean, I was I'm with you. It was a different kind of sex scene. But it was it was a nice scene between two characters that lane. So I'll give it to. It's also it's a world in which women do not often get the opportunity to like set their own path of sexual likening. I liked her line of I'm not taking your pants on for you. I'm not the reality. Yourselves. Yeah. Those goods so. Yeah. No, it was mixed feelings about that one. But yeah, it is cool. Also that to me seems like our is doomed like her arc is another one that is just kind of been through it all and she's the point where I think she's dead. Don't know if I agree or not because they're still Numeiri to to contend with. And I don't think going back. I think that one shot we got of her like in the woods with our other wolves was we'll. We'll be sorely disappointed. If that's the case so moving on fireside parties still going there sort of talking a great line. Now, we're Tyrian goes against his previous spate Eliza. And just says, well, I mean, we might live. You know? I don't know like we were all still alive. It's pretty incredible kind of people on this road. Keep saying, well, it's really amazing that I've lived this long Jesus survived that survived. That's pretty incredible. It's like, I'm the main character of TV shows. I wasn't supposed to die until now. But then we got maybe the best moment of this whole episode. Which is when it comes..

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