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Is it just just a limited protest unlimited US response just the name of the percussive sounds of of an incident or two or three the Iranians well the Iraqis back by the Iranians Muhammed aranea they back down they laughed way back now but most of them did that's what the reports that we see after the present decided to defend US territory the U. S. embassy as I told you the whole group is now asking for the Iraqi parliament to kick kick the United States forces completely out of Iraq so what next man there's so many branches potential places this could AB and flow your guess is as good as mine friend man I would that's one reason I am grateful Donald J. trump is at the helm can not Hillary Clinton really not anyone else this one one thing if you've been paying attention to what don tropics he don't want war he does not like sending letters to family members the moms and dads who lost their precious love ones over CD Hey he hates that he does want to limit US involvement overseas but it's getting really thorny really complicated see what Steven Yates has to say about this and just older you stick around I wanna hear from you as well you have to the president's response but I can tell you I because that powerful message from the president the beginning this is not gonna be another Benghazi there there was no six twelve twenty four hour delay.

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