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Cochran show. Buddha. Money answers dot com. Jordan Goodman, rejoins us, Justin. Do you had another China question? Yeah. I, you know, right after the GM story Jordan, do you saw the president even say we're going forward with these raising the tariffs on China is when you're talking about finance and money, and there there's political cost to that as well. When it talks about raising the fed and the president going after the fed and all that kind of we're they'll be any political pressure to make financial decisions will the president back off of raising a tariff because another another big company comes out and lays people off. I don't think. So now, he's he's says there's going to be pain before you get the game. So far. Started in January of two thousand seventeen. Yeah. I mean. January first two thousand nine nineteen if nothing else changes, which is about a month from now, we'll have twenty five percent tariffs on everything coming in from China, which is about five hundred and thirty billion dollars worth of goods that for the most part is paid by American consumers companies pass that on in the form of higher price as because then we get hit with their tariffs. Coming back. Exactly. So there's been all pain, no gain, so far so genius. He no he doesn't he's not going to change base. Now, they're meeting at the end of this week in Buenos Aires, GM Trump, and hopefully, they'll do more than just shake hands and say nice things to each other. I mean, but I just don't think either side is going gonna change. So my prediction is the full tariffs will go into effect on January first. All right. A quick lesson from the stock market because. And that's why Jordan occasionally says no, no, Steve, you're an idiot. Do this. Nothing to learn. But you're not any money answers dot com air for the rest of you. There's a special idiots site. I go to Jordan talks down Jordan, giving it a elite on stock awhile ago called in video. It's a great stock stuck it went up about two thousand percent. And then emotion got involved. And I said, oh, it's gotta be fine not paying attention to the fact that they add a bunch of bitcoin technology and went bitcoin went down. So that in video. About two hundred and eighty and that's about one hundred and forty. That's right. So so if I had sold it say to fifty to forty two thirty two twenty two ten. Any? Held onto it. So now I've made four dollars. Now, here's the rest of that story overstock dot com as a stock that's been killed. However, overstock is involved in something called blockchain blockchain is a huge deal going for it. And now it started in jump is that blockchain technology comes for this is why day traders jump off bridges. I've not one I'd never would be one. But you really you really can't just get an online broker's account and make money unless you really dive in you can put in stop loss orders as they call it. Right. So if the is so you're the stocks to eighty and you're worried to protect your profits. So you put an order to sell it up to fifty or something. The loss you're stopping the loss. So if it goes down to one forty you. Protect your gains, a simple invidious still a great company. The they make the chips that go into these crypto currency mining operations basis. What's happened? And that's a smaller part of their market. Bitcoin has just collapsed recently. It's it's down about thirty five hundred dollars. Remember a year ago is about twenty thousand a lot of people have lost a lot of money percents of this. All right. Let's talk about a couple of resources your kids are back in school about take Christmas break, and parents are going to pay for another semester tuition is through the roof. Colleges. Are I really need to be regulated? But that's my sermon. So what do you do about paying off college debt? You got we finance it to lower interest rate does.

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