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The call in for Chris Plante welcome back to the Chris Plante show if you're curious and you've been hearing maybe today in the news that woman sure remembered at a New York regional district fifteen that's where you'll see is currently representative this is impressive lady Murray I'm actually working to get her here on the show if not today hopefully tomorrow or Friday on the Chris Plante show well I feel in here Chris back on Monday he's out at sea was some great Chris Plante listeners but I'm glad to be here with you triple eight six thirty nine six two five but if you want to hear her and know what he's about if you're seeing news reports on today I I did a podcast with there and you can check it out it's it's actually archived good I tunes you can you can look it up I talked to a back on the fifth of July when she was considering jumping in this race is now officially done so and she's a she's an impressive woman she's also a woman of color you know so you can't call her a racist although they may try I don't know she's Jamaican so who the hell knows what to try but she wants to challenge AOC brilliant lady and really impressive woman I believe I know she's a mother I think she's a single mother and she was a former Barack Obama voter by her own admission but she now backs Donald Trump did in the last election and does so still today yeah you're gonna learn a lot about and if you haven't heard about her yet you listen to my podcast you will but I'll try to have her on here if not today tomorrow and also today on my podcast I speak with Laura trump Donald trump's daughter in law wife of Eric trump one of his sons and had a great conversation about women for trump you ladies that back from either probably or maybe you have to quietly because of your other friends on social media or your colleagues work here your lady friends at the officer church or wherever neighborhood Lauren I have a great conversation about that the trump family what Donald Trump like as a grandfather it's a really I I think a a great kind of personality interview about the trump family that you don't often get because all we ever hears racist Rick which reminds me the official show jingle I guess what Chriss away we've created it is for everyone to enjoy welcome and Michael if you please racist.

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