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Welcome to the krypton report. This is our review of the three jokers and death in the family. So i decided that if we're new three jokers we might as well have three jokers. So ladies and gentlemen. I introduced to you the criminal. Mr brian peters said so i. I figured out where he probably came from. Because you've figured out his origin and we'll get their freecell all and then if you hear his voice or you see his muscles. We welcome the comedian. Mr james cole. Champs changed coach knock knock. who's there. I don't know i didn't have anything lined up. I just thought it. Can he be the comedian. He came good enough to be a failed comedian joker and then of course there's the last one which is the clown me and you know what's funny though three jokers and brian your names. Only that doesn't start with a j. and that's sad because technical. My first name has j. Jean my name at all. It's silom at the beginning of brian. Jubran okay so this other part. I did not plan but it's going to happen. This is episode one ninety three so another three but all right before we enter the three jokers. Let's talk a little bit. Has everybody watched death in the family. Have not chance i did. I didn't get a chance to watch it again. Then you wanted to watch again before this. But i love you. Hurt feelings. how he's supposed to review was in our notes to review. And you didn't do your homework. Do your homework. So i guess you'll have to just sit back and get spoiled on the whole thing. I guess we'll just have to pause. We'll talk three jokers. And then james and i'll talk death in the family or you probably were out early tomorrow so i guess we'll just do that all all right. I'm into so let's start here. Okay what was your first thoughts. Reactions back was travel back in time guys came dark side war looting. The index goes eight miles per hour. The dark side war. Batman is on the moebius chair. He's sitting there and he says he asked me share. What's the jokers. True name. now remember this question. He asked the jokers. True name. you next panel has eiser bray. He said no. That's not possible. And i thought there was a comic book panel. That said there's not one but there are three in dark side award but it's in river okay. So when we got so rebirth after that panel k. And we first learned the idea of the three jokers brian. What was your initial thought of this concept so i take a break from taking a break from reading comics for awhile but when someone approached me they work with us and said hey Reveal in fifty. That joker who joke really is as an okay. Well i got by this year. I haven't even read darci war at all. But you know i got Kind of felt like the batman was asking the chair questions that he already knew the answer to the kind of see whether this chair was home the first question asked. Is you know who killed. My parents here knows that you kill his parents. But then you know what's the real name of the joker now. I've always felt this is like batman knows josh dropping. I was like well. Why would is something. So when rebirth came around. And he's telling how jordan told me. There were three jokers. I think that that's something. Maybe he didn't know and that's why his job that makes alike. I hate when comics. Justice gives us something huge jar dropping and then we have to wait for the answer. Because if i have to wait for the answer something as big as this it better deliver so my initial reaction would have to be that if we're gonna be presented with this there's three jokers which makes sense because we've had so many different jokers and and vives. They've done different things. It made sense to me that there would be more than one joker. I mean we have rumor that jokers like antic enterpise. Dad you know we have the killing joke story. We have this older joker that kind of wasn't as such a clown we have different joke with a joke. Because face off you know so different jokers made sense to me. So i was initial reaction absolutely excite for this story but it had to deliver in my mind. And that's all. I've save that now james. Same question i learned of the concept of the three jokers. Well i read it. I read the that there were three jokers. I read dark side war So i was anticipating what what he learned from the moebius chair and then when i found out it was three jokers. I mean. I thought it made sense. You know like. Brian said so many different iterations of the joker so many looks so many different styles. I mean you just chalk it. Up to writers and artists and crises and things like that but as kind of the time went on and then especially sense since rebirth launched back in two thousand sixteen which wow twenty sixteen.

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