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The practicalities of had a run a group of the long Hannity decision making had handled powder. Conflict Accountability List of we've got an outline on the Hamdan Awoke, comprehensive program, and then on the practice side with just. Yesterday launched thing wiggling Microsoft Harrity practice week and that's GonNa be a mid-may. So I don't know if the podcast will come out full then but we gotta be doing. I've been feeling about it, which is gonNA be like. Think Peter Lindbergh closer wisdom Jin. It's going to the gym but instead of working at your muscles. Will get you high and your communication skills. So it's that's good at it. So I think we're going to run a few of that's going to be online. Yeah. Yeah. Because everyone's online at the moment they of course, I'm up for playing with zoom kind different conversation styles can be kind of relational breaks. Can we try from from homes of these video conferences? I suspect we're GONNA have a few of those because the the immediate reception from just being live for days in. Really warm. Any. Idea there saying we'll have ninety minutes and is a little bit of a presentation in practice with. Strangers and It's been yet most of the time in the action and then a little bit distinct about what you might have that it to what are some of the extractions behind it. Cool that sounds great well, I would encourage everyone who wants to practice. Different kind of way of. making decisions and being with other people. I. Don't know how you describe this. It's so encompassing it's hard to describe it. I really feel like the language is lacking. In. With us the decentralized organizing. As a as a kind of casual because thank decentralized is not very well defined. You the intention that were not totally centralized doesn't really tell you what shape it is and organizing rather than organizations because we we're gonNA stations, but also with a lot of networks imagined at school as well. And then I've sat in cleaning this language Microsoft. framework for thinking about groups, which is just my. My need to define the nine space. Which? Sits yes. Seems to be providing some better because some people get too caught up with just. Defining Mine Lexicon which. Hasn't show. Cummings as well. I'm ready trying to provide a translation land so that people can find their links to the to the source material and remixed in their way. Yeah Yeah. It's beautiful. Well, good luck with the work and. I hope we can stay connected through twitter and other means. Yeah. I appreciate your work to it's it's really good to feeling. I call this long sightedness. Will we get to thank bullets for second from the thing that we're? From a personal mission and just look to the side and see someone else alongside. During the missionary Jason like it's it's not exactly the same, but it really helps the goals the biggest calls. So I'm I'm really pleased. Put a face at a buddy to the to the head. You Rich. To be here with you. Thanks for having me. Yeah. My poor. Yeah. Thank you..

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