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You don't think so? We got some we took moon. I don't think. So so oh, the response to that. From astronaut Scott, Kelly news, all over this. All right. He tweeted to staff so much respect for you. But about the moon landing. We need to talk and NASA is also offering to give Steph curry a private tour to show him some of the evidence. Trolling Steph curry now interesting because he's sees a skeptic Alex Smith quarterback of the Washington Redskins privy suffered that horrible horrible leggings at broken leg. Yeah. It was awful the four five weeks ago in a game. They come to find out. He has he's had a half a dozen surgeries on that leg already. They had complications. There was there was an infection as well. There was actually concern at one point. He might have to have that leg. Amputated my gosh. And he's not completely out of the woods yet. Oh my gosh. Steve harvey. Is is trending this morning. The way you may have noticed. He's chief seen him lately. And how can you avoid seeing? Steve Harvey good point. He's dropping his signature look at that black moustache. Right. That he's always said well come to find out. He admits it that was that was just for men. He died that mustache gray. And so he was on vacation. He shaved it off. And he'd left the just for men at home ups, and it grew in grey says looked in the mirror, and he thought Mel, let's okay. Yeah. I'm gonna stick with that. So that salt and pepper. Look good for him on his face today is a national day. Oh, that's nice get on your smartphones at international noodle ring day. Once that I looked at that. And I might initial thought was had something to do with spaghetti os. The dantley. It's a baked. It's some kind of pastry like a bunk acres. I think you know. Has something like that European thing. Right. So, you know, run down to the bakery and get a noodle ring today. Okay. Six forty four traffic and weather together on the aids coming up Queen making news again today, and you know, what people in part of China used to clean up their trash bugs. That's coming up know there was a time when a change of seasons and that meant nothing more to me than a change in the weather. I certainly never thought it had anything to do with my clothes. And then my wife set me straight on that. And that's why now when the weather turns cool, I head straight to Colwell and son. I'll get rid of my old clothes, but you supplement what you have and guys. This is the place to go for all of the fall fashions by graduates here for call. Well, and will you name.

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