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Looking very smooth through the harbor tunnel and through town and seventy west out of town is also looking very good out pass frederick m beyond at the moment i'm jay walker wbal newsradio ten ninety wbal tv eleven weather so expect breezy conditions extending throughout much of today chilly at times high of fifty mostly clear in code into tonight lows into the twenty s partly cloudy and windy into friday so cold high forty three i'm taylor brenda on wbal newsradio ten nine right now forty three degrees overcast skies and yes some snowflakes and troy johnson on wbal newsradio ten ninety and the wbal app welcome to it's a day after the special election in pennsylvania what i see is too big parties with all sorts of infighting all sorts of problems listen to the dichotomy you still get when you hear hillary clinton speaking about the two thousand sixteen election all these months later in india by the way and then the difference in message from the winner in that special election in pennsylvania connor lamb is staggering all these months later if you look at the map of the united states there's all that red in the middle where trump won i win the cosi win illinois minnesota places like that but what the map doesn't show you is it i one the places that represent two thirds of america's gross domestic product so i won the places that are optimists diverse dynamic moving forward and his whole campaign make america great again was looking backwards you know you didn't like black people getting rights you don't like women getting jobs you.

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