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Hello. I'm Caroline Wyatt. And welcome to the world this week the program that tells you how the world has changed in the past seven days. This was the week when the earth heard a final call to save the planet from catastrophic climate change. These dramatic changes that need the deployment of new technologies new approaches and also changes in behavior. But is anyone listening when another Russian spy was unmasked. We'll debate spies lies and global influence the week a Saudi journalist disappeared presumed murdered in Turkey. I don't like it too. Terrible. Terrible precedent. We can't let it happen. And frankly, we're working with Saudi Arabia. We want to find out what happened. He went in. And it doesn't look like he came out what happens next, and we'll take a closer look at the man from Brazil nicknamed the tropical Trump and the metoo movement in India is the tide turning for women there. Olot after this. Hello. I'm Jerry Smith with the BBC news. The United Nations secretary General Antonio terrace has told the BBC the truth must be established about the disappearance of a dissident. Saudi journalist is his country's consulate in the Turkish city. This damn bowl Turkey sources say they have documentary evidence that the Saudi security team murdered Jamal Khashoggi. A delegation from Saudi Arabia is in Turkey to take part in a joint investigation into the alleged murderer. Mark Lowen is in the Turkish government officially is cooperating with the Saudis and being pretty cautious in order not to kind of completely blow up the diplomatic relationship between Ankara and Riyadh at the moment, which is an important relationship. But at the same time what they're doing is. It's leaking incriminating evidence through the media to tighten the screws on the Saudis to up the pressure to get western support for the Turkish case that this was a premeditated murder. And to build a case in which there is basically an incontrovertible evidence. The US secretary of state Mike Pompeo has called on Ankara to free. Other Americans in prison in Turkey quickly. After the release on Friday of the evangelical pastor, Andrew Brunson among other Americans detained in Turkey is the NASA scientists say Congo a jewel US Turkish national and two Turkish employees of US diplomatic missions. Malaysia is former deputy prime minister and opposition leader Abraham is contesting a key by-election today. The vote is being seen as the first test for Mr. Anwar since his return to political life earlier this year. Here's Roger Walker. Anwar Ibrahim is expected to win the by election in Port Dickson, but analysts say he needs to win convincingly to maintain his momentum and fulfil his ambition of becoming Malaysia Prime minister in may is Anwar join forces with his former bitter political rival Mahathir Muhammad to win a shop general election victory over the battery Shan national coalition, which had government Lazio for more than sixty years. The two made a pact with the ninety three year old Dr Mahathir promising to hand over the premiership to Mr. Anwar in two years. Officials in the poll say eight climbers five South Koreans and three Nepali guides have died after a storm hit their camp on a Himalayan peak his emperor Senator rod. On the South Korean Nepali, climbing were camped at the foot of mount Guja waiting for a window of good weather. So they could attempt to reach the summit and naturally. Police spokesman told the BBC that Tom hit the region completely destroying the camp is that the bodies of the climbers were spotted among the wreckage of the camp by rescue team a helicopter managed to reach the site. But was unable to land near the camp due to severe weather. Conditions officials are hoping to send another recovery team on Sunday when they were the improves news from the BBC. The International Monetary Fund says its members had promised to refrain from competitive currency devaluations has trade disputes continue to threaten global growth at a meeting on the Indonesian island of Bali, the IMF said they would discuss ways of improving the World Trade Organization. So that it could better handle trade disputes. The pledge comes amid a weakening of the Chinese Yuan to his lowest level in a decade. Search and rescue teams in the state of Florida had begun work in Mexico beach. The town hardest hit by hurricane Michael. The storm devastated communities across the region. Hundreds of people are unaccounted for a total of sixteen people have been confirmed dead across the southeast of the United States. As a result of the storm broke long the head of the Federal Emergency Management agency. Famer said he expected more fatalities to be recorded. The Republican candidate for governor of Pennsylvania in next month's US. Elections called Wagner has taken down a video from social media in which he threatened his democratic opponent. Mr. Wagner was heavily criticized for remarks he made in the video in which he threatened to stone all over his opponent's face governor wolf, let me tell you between now and November six you better. Put a catcher's mask on your face because I'm gonna stop all over your face with golf spikes because I'm gonna win this for the state of Pennsylvania worth throw you out of office, Mr. Wagner is well behind the incumbent, Tom Wolfe in opinion. Polls ahead of the November election. Australia's prime minister says he will change the law Tobar, independent religious schools from expelling students based on their sexuality. Scott Morrison said the attorney general withdrawal of legal amendments within the next two weeks earlier this week, Mr. Morrison appeared to defend elite government process proposal. They would have guaranteed the right of religious schools to turn away gay students and teachers. BBC news. Hello. I'm Caroline Wyatt. And welcome back to the well this week prepare for rapid far-reaching, an unprecedented changes in all aspects of society, unless we are ways fast. That was warning from scientists this week on the risks of rising global temperatures. The report said that far from keeping the rise under one point five degrees celsius as planned the world was now completely off track heading instead towards a rise of three degrees. The report was the result of several years of research and a week of haggling between scientists and government officials that meeting and South Korea at the intergovernmental panel on climate change. The study says the going beyond arise at one point five degrees celsius will be dicing with the future of mankind. And that temperature could be exceeded and just twelve years time staying beloved or require urgent scale changes from governments and individuals. But is that realistic? My all star environment editor, David. Chapman. I think there's a curious multi universe working here. Because in career at lots of government sent delegations to scrutinize the report and really put the scientists through a tough challenge to justify their numbers and their conclusions. And so audit official level a lot of governments have endorsed this report. But that's very different from saying that they'll do anything about it. We certainly know that Donald Trump is in the process of withdrawing America from the Paris agreement which is the only international agreement to tackle climate change, the front runner in the presidential election in Brazil wants to do the same for Brazil. And Australian government is effectively got it all it's climate initiatives and action. So I think we've got a situation where lots of governments around the world assigned up to the rhetoric of doing things about this. Some of them are Britain is phasing out the burning of coal for. Example other countries have set very ambitious targets of their own. But perhaps some of the biggest players particularly America, the world's largest economy. They're just not gonna buy into this at a political level. So if this report has not yet focused mines in governments. What could there are some very interesting changes in technology and industry? So for example, fifteen ten years ago, if you look to renewable sources of power particularly soda and wind they were very expensive at prices for those in sources of energy of now tumbled. I mean, just in the last five years in some cases, they're comparable to the cost of burning coal. So you see a massive shift where suddenly in a lot of countries you're getting the construction of solar farms without any. Form of subsidy. And that changes the equation completely. I think you're getting major companies high tech companies, Google and Facebook and so forth and some industrial manufacturers consumer goods MAs and Unilever making their own investments in renewable which further driving down the cost boosting the market. And I think that can only continue any grounds dropped miss when you look at the really major developed fast developing countries, you look at China or you look India places where people are beginning to want to adopt, very western-style lives. Yes. The consumption of energy shoots up the more developed your economy people want if they're in a hot country fan and then an air conditioner on the move from a bite to a motorbike, and then a car, then if you get richer in your country of foreign holidays enticing, so aviation is expanding massively. So the trend is for us all to you. Use more energy on the other hand, there's been a revolution in energy efficiency. So if you walk into your kitchen at night and see all the little red dots on all the devices that are are operating. Actually, they're all using less power than earlier generations of those things. So that's one really important shift. I think is that people perhaps more sensitive to it. I mean, looking at a younger generation one of my children whose Twenty-three has decided to go vegetarian. I'm issue. Just as looked what meet involves in terms of greenhouse gases, not just the animals themselves. But also the growing of the feed for them, and you hear of more more people making that shift a conscious decision, and that is the kind of ground swell of change that may make it more possible down the track to meet the kind of targets at the scientists to talking about David Shaw, C'mon. The real identity of the second suspect in the Nova Chaka tack on the former Russian spy Sangay scruple was revealed this week thanks to his granny's sharing. The photo of him receiving a special award from President Putin himself, an investigative website Belling cat discovered. The real identity of the man who used the earliest Alexander Petrov. He was in fact, Alexander Michigan a military doctor employed by the military intelligence service, many marked the apparent lack of basic tradecraft. But this week could British security minister counseled against on the estimating the skills of the Kremlin's once-mighty espionage services, the British authorities accused the two men of attempting to murder, Mr. pal and his daughter Yulia with the nerve agent in the city of Salisbury in southwest England. The west has accused Russia's military intelligence of running a global hacking campaign that targeted institutions from sports anti-doping bodies to the chemical weapons watchdog I was joined. By our security correspondent, Gordon Carreira Moscow. Correspondent Sara Raynsford. I all star first how Moscow was responding to the latest revelations. I think we've had an increasing sense here that that pretty uncomfortable about these revelations when President Putin came out and talked about Sergei skip all the intended targets of this poisoning. He referred to him as a traitor under the scumbag, and he was really sort of spitting contempt as he spoke. And I think that was a very direct attempt to shift the focus onto him and away from all this speculation and information that was coming out about the key suspects in the poisoning, and we speak every day to Mr Putin spokesman at the beginning when we started asking about the identity of the I suspect he started trying to answer me. And he started trying to come up with some kind of response. But in the days that followed that he backtracked in essentially, the Kremlin's been stonewalling ever since and saying look we went to the press about this. All this information is coming through the press and three what he called pseudo media like. Elon cat. And so that's not someone that we're prepared to engage with and therefore we went comment any further. And Gordon does the west do you think need to be cautious about seeing these alleged attempted murderers as a source of math, and and house Russian intelligence got sloppier or other revelations this week partly down to much greater access to data. Sources. It's been tempting to make fun of certain aspects of this particularly the idea that these two men were were tourists who came to see the hundred and twenty three meter cathedral spire in Salisbury, as they said in their Artie interview that provoked a lot of amusement mirth and on the internet and elsewhere, but officials and others have been cautioning to say. Well, let's remember that someone died as a result of the chalk, boys. Ning an innocent woman. Dawn Sturgis who picked up that perfume bottle in which the Novacek was alleged to be contained and died as a result in terms of of why more has been coming out. I think there's two things one is. It's tempting. To say, well, this is amazing sloppiness. But actually, I think it's two things. One is the Russians are simply it looks. At least in the western perspective. More aggressive in terms of what they're willing to do. And if you're more aggressive, and you're doing more you're gonna get caught more often. I also do think they underestimated the extent of what you can do with data and with analytics, Nope and source information, but certainly there are elements in which you look at the trade craft as they call it about the Russian intelligence officers, and you don't quite understand why they did that. And particularly why they put those two people up on our RT when it was clear that that would aid people in trying to understand who they really were Sarah, Gordon, talks of a more aggressive stance. If you like and Russia's involvement in the scruple poisoning is the most recent and high profile case, but that does seem to have been under Mr Putin of Moscow, intervening abroad, sometimes militarily sometimes by hacking, but in ways that are often hostile to the cause of liberal democracy. Is there a strategy behind that? I think that's a big. Question. And I suppose you need to kind of separate out some of the supposed- acts of aggression. I think perhaps there are still big questions over what exactly happened with the script calls on what Russia may have been trying to achieve there. I know there's a lot of speculation about this being President Putin simply sending a signal that he hates traitors, and he'll get them wherever they are. But I think there are still big question marks over actually what the motivation might have been and whether or not there's something else behind it. But certainly in terms of other foreign policy goals in terms of Russian action in Syria and terms, of course, of what happened in Ukraine, this is really about Russia trying to rewrite the world picture, I guess to restore Russia's place on the world stage, and.

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