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David Cohen Dave go in eight thirty eight twenty two before nine Thursday night football eat pointed saints game Monday night really did make the week fly by yeah yeah he suddenly we're talking about more football it's a right and a great game Tampa in Carolina and one Ms glues barring a tie which just completely messes everything up. but if that's the case. and the saints were to lose which they won't. but I'm just saying you have a tie for first place that quickly right well let's hope that they do have a tight between tamping Carolina because that would be the best outcome for saints fans but that seems unlikely Carolina is a six and a half to seven point favorite at home tonight and I'd personally like to see Tampa when I'm rooting for the Buccaneers because I think they're less of a threat to the saints so I want the Panthers to have an early loss I secondarily lost someone both lose son okay that's not because it be a time maybe. well a lot is not allow me to tie is not a win right it doesn't matter you know why why because we're gonna take care of business in LA and the rest will take care of itself don't look back they might be gaining on your right use of that it's gonna be better and you know it it wasn't you know I don't mean it's gonna need because we get to see all the NFC south games this week as Thursday night football tonight is Tampa and Caroline and you can actually hear that on our sister station hot ninety two point nine FM and then the saints obviously will be able to watch and listen to that game on Sunday and then it's Sunday night that Atlanta travels to Philadelphia so all of the NFC south games are nationally televised nationally broadcast nationally radio I used I just made up word answer so we get to see and hear all of that this weekend what we say in in the news about signs. you know everywhere you look at Harry of it's not as much in the city right now but in Jefferson parish was so many races W. W. as Jim hands that went out there and corner after corner street after street yard after yard political signs.

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