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Tours in a trend that worries some safety experts even wall street journal reporter jim carlton got in on the act doing some chasing an oklahoma jim which do you know what strange i was in the texas panhandle about three weeks ago on another story and i just happened to see on facebook that there was a storm chasing turner by saad side to check it out insured offers this whole cottage industry of storm chasers that are allowing tourists to basically tag along and going to the belly of the beast and chasing tornadoes and severe storms baseball sized hail your name and it's it's insane but it's happening a legit business i can't even imagine what kind of waiver you must have to sign before you hop in one of those vehicles it's a three page waiver and in a number one gordon you have to acknowledge that you know you are go right at your own your own risk so people go in with is open holy cow so what what if some of those folks experienced while the day i went we've met up so they drive all over the place go meet like an oklahoma city on friday and they'll go for like seven days in the back of a van they travel hundreds of miles per day each day they're going to travel to wherever the radar so is going to be the worst weather in the day i went with him in western oklahoma there was a gigantic thunderstorms lightning tornado warnings you name a horrific storm and he deaths or injuries well i mean not to the tourist yet although last year three storm chasers died when they actually the vehicles collided in texas tornado in two thousand thirteen a three more died when they actually too close to a tornado got swept up like you know dorothy house in the wizard of oz so it is definitely a risky occupation what does something like that cost i mean he thought cheap i mean it's up to three thousand eight hundred dollars would you believe that could go for one day three hundred bucks but it's you know the average is like you know twenty five hundred people love this gordon talked a lady who came all the way from australia this is our fourth one and yes she hasn't seen a twister yet they don't guarantee that you'll see a twister but they talk about well.

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