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Bernie Sanders Sanders, Twitter, President Obama discussed on What Next | Daily News and Analysis

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Bernie Sanders Sanders, Twitter, President Obama discussed on What Next | Daily News and Analysis


When Washington Post reporter broke the news that Bernie Sanders would be getting an endorsement from three prominent members of the squad. Scores of twitter. Comments comments followed like this supporting the old White Guy Nothing like the hypocrisy of the radical left all this even though these endorsements mints Made Sense. Alexandria Cossio Cortez had campaigned for Bernie back in two thousand sixteen and democratic socialist ideas united. All all of them. Unfortunately I did hear online. Was that the people who I saw really excited about the sky. You know these floor progressive women of color you you know a prominent feminists who is just like how's it possible that these women of Color Progressive Women of color could support the white man. So you then you fall right back into the happenings. Happenings of bad identity politics right because what you're saying is like these women supporting the candidates they did whether it was warren or sanders made a kind of obvious sense but the fact that they were women of color sort of prevented us from seeing that. Yeah I interestingly I think is racist and sexist I think racist and sexist to constrain women of color political choices on the basis of their sex and their race. I the biggest problematic to say that AOL see or she'd have to leave or Omar any of them should have endorsed anyone on the basis of their gender and race. He's more than just that that they will go against the Desa that most of them are members of. I'm just trying to find the logic in in that. Well let's talk about where we are in the election cycle now the breakdowns of WHO's siding with. Who if you look at it just in terms of cold calculating numbers they might look strange to you? My colleague Christina Ricci wrote this article and she broke it down saying you know Elizabeth Warren is garnering the LGBTQ vote and Joe Biden is getting black voters. Mayor P getting older voters Bernie's getting younger voters orders. I wonder if you think breaking things down like that is fair so yeah I think a information is important because information then informs like how you able to make sense of a phenomenon so for example by is leading with the black will but he's leading with moderate cinches black voters who are typically odor Bernie Sanders Sanders is leading with. You know young black voters young lead next voters. I think that information matters because you can't tell a simple story about who's getting the black support art and so those breakdowns you know they just give us information about which sets of candidates in which sets of subgroups what interests are at stake. AAC right so if if the if moderate black or older voters are interested in supporting pirate because they have a fear that no other candidate is going to beat trump. They remember probably more than younger candidates. Right what it was like to live in an America where the racism it was much more on display. Not that it's gone away now not that it's hidden but I think by their impulses choose candidate who they believe is safe who they associated with Obama bomber. The first black president. I think that there's reasons to be sympathetic towards that into not. Just tell a flat story that. Oh He's getting the black support because without knowing what types of black people are supporting him then organizers. Can't go to those people say. Hey I know you are interested in supporting by for these reasons. And I'm sympathetic towards it but here actually is what Abidin presidency is gonNA look like for black people and this is gonNA different from Obama. You know so I think those breakdowns can be helpful. If they're going to then inform organizing or a strategy to then go and try to make a difference. Do I think they're important. The way that I've typically seen them slog around in terms of like attacking different groups. I think that's way way less helpful and I'm way less interested in that. Yeah it sounds like you want to have a policy debate. Not a debate about what color someone is or what gender someone is. I'm not saying that gender and raising class those things don't matter I think what's different is that I am critical of people. People the rolling aware sexist and misogynist around for people who are not supporting Elizabeth Warren who were supported Bernie Sanders and so that's where As sort of dry pause you know if she wins the primary our knock on doors for her to my knuckles. We will call. PEOPLE WILL GET ELIZABETH WARREN TATTOOED OVER MY BELLY THUG life. I will go all out for her. I just think that like I say a suspicious of sexism and massage and he'd been thrown around as live warrant in sanders fundamentally different candidates but Sanders Calling Warren Elitist Warren calling sanders sexist part of what. What makes these charges so electric are that we've heard these arguments? Before back. In Two Thousand Sixteen when Hillary Clinton beat Bernie Sanders but then lost to Donald trump with voters still waiting to cast their ballots this political season. It's hard not to think back on the last election and for Democrats those memories are not good. You can see this anxiety spool out online if you simply look around for the Hashtags Bernier Bust or Never Warren in you've alluded to this a little bit before. But when I look at some of this factionalism were talking about I keep asking my self just wondering like how real is it. Is it really just an online thing. Because I was looking on twitter for instance in in this Hashtag was never Warren Hashtag was trending and the people were picking it up and pushing it out. There were actually a bunch of people saying we gotta shut this Hashtag down. It's not doing anyone any good kind of making the point that we're making here. which is this is in the moment for this but at the same time now that Hashtag is out there and people are responding to it and they're using it and it made me wonder? Is this just a digital thing. That's exactly my point. I think that I so much. Of what how he get temperature or post for what is happening. We're turning to twitter with facebook attorney into social media and I just wish that there were other ways for people to have access to like these conversations to really leafing through the logical consequences like as part of a group or community and not working out their political beasts with candidates like through twitter profiles. Profiled I think for people who are actually doing social movement work and not just participated in like an online spectacle around Senders and warn. You know I take very serious organizers. Committed to the liberation of oppressed people. None of the people I know personally when people essay who were involved in all of these activists organizing groups. I don't take them to be a never Bernie or it never warrant person you know I would say that. They have firmly landed the on their candidate who is our number one and they have vocally they have expressed. They're GONNA do whatever it takes to get their number two elected if they're going to be the candidate who was nominated in a primary nothing. That's what matters. I think there's something else to which is kind of distrust in. I don't know if it's mainstream media or just older. Americans that millennials younger voters whether they're going to show up and really do the work here and like whether we really should be shining the spotlight on the young Progressive Wing. or whether it's really the older people who are going to move the election because we know they're gonna go to their polling places and November. Yeah I think that we've seen before four huge records of young people turn out to vote. I think that's factual I mean. Under President Obama. We saw a huge waves of people of color. La Young people come out and get behind the candidate. They were excited about and inspired by. I think that's very very important to say. Also say back after the twenty sixteen election the people who started organizing and got a lot of momentum in electoral electoral politics in this country. Where young people of color you know? The Movement for black lives lost electoral justice project and they got behind candidates and got people engage in the voter process and we saw them flip elections at every level at every single level. And so I think I'm fair to say that you know our young people going to be able to. It's a show up when young people have shown up. You know they have some. They have organized. They have gone people to the polls they have done drives and raise money and may cause and t shirts. Don't don't parties. They've done all this stuff to get people out to vote right now. A lot of voters trying to figure out which candidate really has their backs. Derek knows how how hard that can be to figure out. But she says the problem with identity. Politics is that they can become a kind of shorthand away to avoid really proving having a candidates worth. And if you need a reason to rethink the way talk about the democratic frontrunners Derek offers a cautionary tale because Donald on trump. He came to office bolstered by his own use of identity politics white identity politics absolutely the absolutely yeah progressive or people on the left. Don't have a monopoly on how to use identity politics. That's why identity politics can be problematic on the left and the centre or the right right because what happens against her trap where you're voting for someone or you excited about supporting policies. That then hurt you you you know so I've been reading about you. Know all these white people in the south who are suffering who are just completely suffering because they either want to reject obamacare or they think that it primarily benefits like starring has emigrants or it benefits black people so they either refuse treatment that literally nearly dying of whiteness their dime because they're choosing to support candidates who re don't want it in their state or they're just simply refusing certain the treatment that are covered by it and so it's it's so unfortunate that they've that would be the candidate or the set of policies that you were support but if you feel ella firm that someone is speaking or using a dog whistle to signal that they have your steak you GonNa Probably Find Comfort in solid garrity in Derrick Cooper. Now thank you so much for talking to me yes. Of course dear. Air Cornell is a lawyer and writer based in Washington DC. You can find her most recent pieces about the Democratic primary at the Guardian And that's the show. What next is produced by Daniel Hewitt Jason Leone? Mary Wilson and Mara Silvers. I'm Mary Harris. You can talk to me about the show on twitter at Mary's desk and on Friday tune in for what next T._D.. With Lizzie O'Leary I'll.