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Looking out for you your or you know home your finances like i. don't know what the benefit of this Nigga exactly what you love so much about him that this leave question. Because the clearly is not your son's father. So The fact that he would put you in a position to choose between. Your sign and ham in terms of yaws living situation because of. You know occasional moments where your son has guests. Like. I highly doubt that your kid is like straddling his man in a living room. Talking down his boyfriend or whoever his you know gentleman caller might be. In the how you know what I mean even if he did so the fuck what right but at the same time. It's like all of that stuff is attached to this sort of pre coded thinking that usually comes along with a bunch of other garbage toxic as bullshit that you. Don't need to deal with shouldn't be around or whatever I. don't even think that there's a question about who needs fucking attitude adjustment or get there. She didn't leave it's not your son, but that's me. That's how I feel. Kudos I guess to your son for being like I. Will you know complicate my own living situation if this Nigga who was homophobic and apparently hates me makes you happy that alone like? I.

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