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On car insurance. So he switched. Saved. Then he did kind of touchdowns at least he was still good that. Okay. Thirty two at oh. At sixteen knockouts as a prizefighter undefeated boxing champion and about to reprise his role of Danny stunt man Wheeler in creed. To the host of epochs is the contender which has a finale two hour special episode at ten M eastern on affects on Friday night at the forum. Good to see you Andre ward. I finally made it I'm on the rich Eisen show, these I'm happy all those belts, the titles creed acting with Michael Jordan, that's the sporting world. Like, I'm gonna different space now casting analysts work to be here. Being in that space. I've made it really I will take that. So are you say you're a contender for this seat? I wouldn't say that. Okay. You're a wily veteran. Well, you've got to poachers. I'm just learning taking note. Join I'm loving it. I missed the sport. I get that out the way I miss you get into ring. I mean, that's part. Is that part of what you like about this? I mean, you get a little bit not really that wasn't the plan. Okay. That was not the plane. I did not bring like workout stuff. And like the, Freddie Roach. He so unassuming, but somehow some way he talked me into getting out of the street clothes and getting my workout gear on and getting there with his guys. He's like object. Come here. I got a couple of guys they need a few rounds. Freddie. I I would just coming to watch. It's just maybe four or five rounds. My next thing. You know? I mean that spun it you see the clip that you just saw that right there. Well, that's Freddie, Roach, man. I mean, Freddie's Freddie's and he's a goat. Right, freddie. Freddie. Freddie roach. So let me get into it. Then it's been sixteen months since you retired. Is there any at all to unretire? I know that it's word gets thrown around. It's not an it. But is more just like you just miss it? You know, like you miss it. You miss. Having a fight on the horizon. And and you miss believe it or not the process, you know, being away from your family being in China camp around you guys strength coach head coach. And just, you know, fighting for a goal like China reach some some, you know, reach pinnacle in beat the guy across from you. And the checks, you know, those weren't bad. He was about to say some of the checks Kinelev getting right now, those aren't bad either. So let's just say this. We're seeing what happened with triple gene canal. They'd have to come up and wait to fight you one of something like that was thrown in your way. Hope it doesn't like I hope that because it's too tempting serious care isn't dangle because I don't even wanna have to go through the process of thinking mulling. And I just just just let me be let me kinda ride off in the sense it, but there is a small party that wants the phone call. But but more of me doesn't because I don't wanna have to go through that process if missed it, I do, and I'll probably all. Miss it. But that doesn't mean that I should be in a boxing ring. And I think that's that's the struggle. That's the fine line that guys have to to find just because you miss it. And just because you can still do it doesn't mean you should. I mean, we just nowadays you completely different endeavors. I mean Cormie as pushing forty okay, that's my boy two. And I love that guy. I love DC. He's pushing forty and still doing it. You're thirty four. I mean, you're much younger, man. Am I I'm not trying to? Squirm little bit. You know, you're thirty four. And so somebody comes in and throws that in front of you. You know, triple jeez. Older than you. He's we had an opportunity to fight. This..

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