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They were telling the John candy story you know John candy and I knew this see on the face of the R. goes the Toronto Argonauts of the CFL to grab never play in Canada never heard that story he was a pay of and loonies do you have to go to leave a bowl you have to give him candidate out Steve young Jersey girl rate in Canada even awesome how good would he have that a Canada that big field I mean there are Saudi is arguably the greatest couldn't CFL player now that he is but you know because the popularity hormone was pretty good he was awesome in Edmonton etcetera and it's Steve young in Canada how good would he have that you have to give my whole you have to give like Toronto and Montreal when you have these days I don't like each other knowing a whole lot on lottery all do remember we're giving away two grand prizes each grand prize winner winds of their lower bowl tickets to the forty Niners season tickets parking passes as well and hopefully playoff games you're gonna hear that signature fog horn in the noon hour and you can be caller four or nine both were called by two a day and you only call four one five eight nine six five six two seven will start doing that in about an hour during the noon hour at some point very secretive the time for one five eight nine six five six two six seven again we're season season tickets lower bowl and parking as well and we'll do that through September eighteen forty nine days of forty Niners season tickets sponsored by chevron chevron with tech Ron care for your car let's put it over to the raiders are good pal Lincoln Kennedy your former partner and just overall good guy is joining us and with operators hard knocks all that stuff he joins courtesy of the my guess on a link our lives are you guys going to men Mr big man how you've been I miss you much miss about how's it going how's everything that we're back together again has gone yes it's not to the month it's not too bad been married about a month and we'll see how it goes and all right yes the moment coming soon it's going slightly better than your marriage with AV I just moved it wherever you want to go with this I saw in hardback studiously you know listening to Brent talk and purchased a L. me ask you this to start because when link and I were doing games together one of the highlights for me was going out of the field to watch the guys want before the game and likely always be there and we talk and watch it with I assume you did that Thursday in Glendale and I think it all got we all got you know a good feeling to see Antonio on the field and eighty four into the helmet and run routes but I saw him in Aug one curl route I think his feet were choppy there was one goal route where he caught it in the end zone link in a a discount of decelerated like he was in pain a little bit like I saw Bo Jackson with his foot issue we'll get to the helmet fiasco in a moment here but is he completely healed from the cryo therapy I don't think so I don't think so.

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