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O.'neil starts over jalen smith at linebacker. I think he's the the weakest link on this team as i've noted many many times before. So let's i. I can't wait sell can't wait for this season. Well i wait a little bit. Because i have us losing the first two abbas losing at tampa bay at thursday night and then at the chargers right here in our backyard and then winning like six in a row so but it is easy schedule. It gets easier than those first two down the road and they beat up on on a lot of these bad teams they do. I'm trying to think like who was it. The eagles somebody well. We'll get to the giants and the second. That's the giants are two and fourteen against the eagles and cowboys the last four seasons like that. We gotta we gotta count on. That is really harry. Yeah it's bad but bri bring us down to earth going on nine and a half or the couch going on there. i mean. Should they be the best team in the division. Yes not buying the nine and a half. We talked about this once before. But yeah the. I think they've got under the win. Totals and fourteen to less twenty one seasons but two things. They'll need to do right to go over right. Obviously they need to be very healthy. Last year was just a shit. Show right they. They lost so much of the team and they need to dominate the division. They have to go if they go three and three. This isn't going over the that's for sure. At least go to the division to go over which i don't know i mean i feel like all of these games are going to be pretty close but you know i mean they have to go six and five and there are other games and then they have you you have tampa on the on. The road chargers on the road patriots on the road at vikings. Even though. I don't know how. Good the vikings are. That's a sunday night game. We're winning that game. We're minnesota one again. That's going to be a game. You have to win and then you also kansas city on the road. So i think it's going to be tough. I picture this team picture. This team nine. Eight or eight nine even know geez. That's still could win the division at that record based on this. Do you know what it's about brides about thanksgiving against your raiders. We're gonna no. That's you know. I i i will say that should be a really fun game. Yeah it's gonna be a that's gonna be an offensive game. I wouldn't be that would be a game. I think probably both of us would not be shocked. If either of our teams won that game or that game so yeah that's a crucial game to that thanksgiving game but that's gonna be a lot of fun when you said about being excited for the season partly kit. It is weird i. I'm starting to get really really excited. Unlike last year right it was like even though the season was happening i was exciting during the pandemic. I didn't have this feeling that. It's very i guess somewhat being normal. We'll it's crazy is we're probably probably just as much uncertainty with every insult. Lamar doesn't even have to get covert and if he's around someone who gets cova because he hasn't been vaccinated he has to sit like just. It might even be worse with all this stuff. And who's not laying all right harry. It's not. I know that's all we could do. You're going obviously going on. It didn't even matter really. You could have made this five and a half to go on look. We talked about dallas about a month ago about this going under. I mean of course the offense is going to be. It's gonna put up. Numbers stack is back. He had a great season starting last year until he went down in the giants game. Yeah elliott's looking good to In shape finally for a training camp but again it's you gotta prove it on defense. Prove it on defense. They were so bad last year. Can they hang in fourth quarters of game styles. St gave a hundred and sixteen points more than the giants last year. One hundred and forty four more than washington nine games. They gave up twenty eight or more points. You gotta prove it on defense first before you think you're going to get the ten wins. I if you do. I don't know they're not much different. Defensively then tennessee so you just follow that model right right. So i don't know they have derrick henry you just as two thousand yards rushing. That's a nice team. Makes the playoffs on a regular basis though dallas tennis since two thousand hold on a second you said you have to prove it on defense. All i'm saying is tennessee was twenty ninth or thirty first depending on how you look at it defensively but i get i get. It helps at there in this to you. Know what harry change your pick or you're fired that's it. I mean brother bry brother bryce at under he had some good reasons. You're just being spiteful. I just that's what i'm getting out of yours right. So harry and brian go on there. Until harry comes to the census. Paulie kid going over to eight and a half adjusted. Yes they're adjusted win. Totals on fan. I'm going over the nine app. I think this team ends eleven and six. All right harry. Let's go over your giants here over on their seven the over minus one thirty that they make the playoffs as plus thirty at their shutout is minus three hundred. They're tired with the jets for eighteen. Wins and four years as the worst. I didn't even know that was them in the jets over four years eighteen wins. They've lost ten or more in four consecutive seasons five and threesome ow to end the year. Four and two in the nfc east which was weird. But like i said this giant seem to and fourteen against the eagles and cowboys the last four years thirty. First offensively couldn't happen to a nicer guy jason garrett sorry coach garrett jackass thirty first offensively they add golladay. Who's banged up. Four for seventy two million. They draft darius. Tony from florida. They get kyle rudolph. I guess they'd soldiers back. He opted out last year right. They lose lose on the line. Here's something they allowed the second most sacks i don't really think about it as team is running around fifty sacks allowed only philly at sixty five they were the only team worse they are the worst ranked offensive line according to. I can't go over with the team. That's got the worst ranked offensive line. I just can't i eight games. Jones's one in seven thirteen giveaways. You know we know what saquon does that he. Spaghetti has already has a headache from it. Really is a actually has physical health problems. Defending saquon barkley from damasec. It's very sad. He missed fourteen games. Sterling shepherd their longest tenured player from two thousand sixteen defensively. Not bad ninth. They have oj. Laurie the second. Pick dalvin thomason tomlinson. Right there dorie jackson. They add two hundred forty six games. I don't know if that helps blake martinez is your guy third in the nfl. With one hundred and fifty one tackles again seven for this kind of team with no offensive line..

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