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There is something special about that. When you hear now Here's how today and we start today. Well, I don't know about that with him right now Writing most of us who solve the world's problems, both us along with Steve Lamb, Yes. Yeah, You heard that. Sean Chastain and Brad Barton. Back together again in the studio, let their back together. How many people are that Rangers game last time sound like it's full. Huh? No, don't know. They're not it. Uh, they're not home. What stuff they played here. There were they don't? Yeah, it was a gold by field. Okay, but they wanted capacity. Is that what you're saying? Right right in there, exploring expanding even more now? So okay. Just sounded full. Yeah, lots. I like a good any time The Yankees come to town. Yeah. Okay. That's it. Yeah. I mean, there are a lot of Yankee fans there, okay? Lot of Yankee fans a lot of flooding in the area as well. If you look at some of the video that's out there, see the Trinity River and yes, yes. Yeah. White Rock Lake? Yep. There's flooding issues that we'll talk about that throughout the morning. Get an update on what things look like out there. We did get word yesterday that Governor Greg Abbott is going to follow the leader, Governor Henry McMaster, and some dozen or so others in the country and that unemployment benefit the extra $300 will end. In Texas. I guess there's just too many job openings in Texas, Tonto sustain the Free money. Yeah, You just can't do it. It's going to end effective June 26. That's a $300 weekly unemployment supplement from the feds and the governor said, Listen, the Texas economy is booming. Employers are hiring a community throughout the state. According to the Texas Workforce Commission, the number of job openings in Texas is almost identical. How The number of Texans who are receiving unemployment benefits. Well. There you go. I had cause to go down Main Street in Weatherford yesterday and noticed every marquee on every fast food restaurant held up one. Now that you know you may be, You may be sitting there saying to yourself Well, you know, Help Wanted poster at the restaurant is done My idea of a career. And, uh, I understand that But yeah, You have to be carded. Yep. Uh, let's let's be careful before we know before we go there now of the jobs that are posted in Texas right now, 45% of them pay Maura than $15.50 an hour. Then that's you know, that's great. Minimum wage isn't going to allow you to heaven That's not minimum wage only 2% of the jobs that are posted right now pay minimum wage. 76% of the jobs were posted in Texas pay more than 11 59. Job. Market's just too hot number. Yeah, there got no choice. So I totally agree with you. But even even that entry level positions at fast food restaurants that they're bringing that $300 is keeping him home. Yeah, Yeah, yeah, they way did this last week, John while you were out That you you could you make about 32? What was it? How about $32,000 on unemployment? Something like that. If you have $15,000 a year job you make you make 31 something. Make $15 salary. You $15. Don't you see you make more money sitting at home looking at the aquarium than you do going into work, CIA. Yeah, actually. Yeah. When the self respect come into play here. What were you looking lot of? You know what? That I would rather Be doing something than just laying here on my bun and waiting for Uncle Sam to send me my deposit My check, But, you know, also are you sitting there thinking? You know what No. And I'm not demeaning this at all. But I don't wanna be flipping hamburgers. That's you know. That's not That's what I want. That's what I would say. You know to the person who lost his job making Seven year old 60 70,000 years. To go flip burgers, And as I said, you know nothing wrong with that. I used to do it. Yeah. That's what I'm saying. You think I'd drive by that place that God, That's not what I want to do A little work, but I don't want to. But you know what? We're all e mean were a lot of people are doing stuff They don't want to do. Yeah, okay. You know, you're one of the fortunate ones You're doing What you wanna do all your life. I know it. I know. I mean, you think about those guys, you know that no matter what it is and work, you know, roofing houses would, uh, working on a factory line That may not be what they want to do. They show up for work every day. Right? How about this number that came out of the twc? 18% of all claims for unemployment during the pandemic. Confirmed. Suspected to be fraudulent. Not surprising at all. I'm surprised the numbers that low. Well, all right, You know what that blow number means. 800,000 claims. How about that working work were fraudulent. You know what the dollar amount paid out for? That is Oh, God. Well 800,000 times $300 a week. Can we do it that way? No more than it's him point for billion dollars. Unbelievable. That's in fraudulent claims have been paid. The way this is anyone held accountable for that. You know, I don't know. I'm sure there has to be I mean, Obviously the person who filed the fraudulent claims should be held accountable. But is there a bureaucrat who should be held accountable for not Investigating that from the beginning. That's the beauty of being a bureaucrat is that you get lost in the shuffle on? Yeah, you're not gonna be held accountable, but I mean, shouldn't someone have checked that at the front end? Well, yeah. I mean, you should go all the way up the line. It should be. You know the person who approved the claim that person supervisor that person supervisor all the way up to the governor. You know, whoever it is, that's $10 billion of iron money just gone. Well, duh de vet everyone that applied or do you just don't think you know. I mean, were they just overwhelmed where they couldn't do it? I got on the short term disability for my accident. Right and the hoops that I had to jump through to get that were pretty extensive. Okay. Good. Um many communications with the me and the insurance company and the insurance company in the hospital and all that There was a lot of vetting going on. So and that's private industry. You know, it's not government. But when you were when you were furloughed from cumulus, did you have that same kind of conversation with With the team you see. Never got furlough to know you didn't get her alone so It is 5 11 wbf P traffic.

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