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The formula for success printed presented to you about basf i mentioned to you know i told you talked to you about it later now's the time eight may quiet factor lsu really got into the match canada offense last wicket your swat that includes a lot of ships a lot of motion by the players before the snap and even after the snap a lot of extra money in a day like today you don't want to how the extra running so whether or not coach canada's got a factor then in two of mattering which he calls the game parrella to all the manner in which the tigers shipped in go in the motion before this now we'll wait and see with don't don't wet it's going to have an effect that he is going to have an effect on both danes auburn is going to be all be far side they wear dark navy blue jerseys and for the purpose of sitting in massod that's not a good color to beware allah she's been wearing their traditional white jerseys in so they're going to be a little bit better off but second make much difference you get down on that field does not much wind down at feel level there's a lot of humidity of give it 'cause a lot of problems platform selfcontained as the game goes on the team that is able to maintain their stamina for their momentum throughout the course of the game will have a decided advantage whether rule affect the water though sweat all the football football's tend to get slicking slippery they'll corp the sweat gets it the footballs but these days i change about so often during the game it probably will not have too much we'll just have to wait and see but i expect this going to be a fact but let's look at the players danny antler thanks can have more accurate it he's going to have to be able to throw intermediate passes this week which lsu willie has gotten into throughout the entire season with what i call the 10 to 20 to your lane genius in the middle of the field between the hash marks are just outside the hash marks that happens to be the point closest to a quarterback who singer combination other words would pass asked the show has to be thronged the.

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