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But you have to very different takes on the whole thing yeah so the thing that i was most excited about was kind of figuring out how it works in two different mediums like the comic book is this beautiful long form with all this paneling and really pretty colors and all sorts of stuff and then the comic strip itself itself has three panels really really traditional super reminded me of what i used to think comics where before i actually read them exactly yeah and you know very formulaic af where the first panel reminds you what happened last time the middle one something occurs and the third panel sets up what happens next time. It's sort of comforting like i grew up reading the newspaper comics myself that was like part of my daily routine and so for me. This was kind of like being a kid again. Yeah it was for me. I read a lot of comics actually right after college like the newspaper funny papers for me. It was more interesting as a way to think about how people have to tell stories. You have to tell the story story in the super truncated way your motivations become really really short and to the point you're still able to have the basic framework and the basic tension there so it was really really fascinating to see how people worked honestly. That's what i saw on this and the strip exactly and we'll get to that so the way we're going to do this is were i gonna go through the comic strip version and then basically go back through the story in the comic book version talk about some of those differences and the parts that are just even more bonkers by comparison like this is not as weird the some of the stories. We've covered on this show. There's some bizarre stuff in here. What would you say is one of your favorite bizarre things one of my favorite things from this story or logger conversation from the story from this story. I think i probably most appreciated. There's susu later on. We'll talk about this where the hob goblin has snuck into a scientific base he notices that spider man and beast there with him so he just knocks out a guard and then the super robotic formal language just says spiderman and beast have been detected find and destroy and like everyone just goes with it like the way that motivations nations are just so simple and easily manipulated in this our glorious. That's beautiful and you also see so much of that in the comic strip as well <hes> did you comic book are coming straight. I was talking to you about the comic strip totally right now. I mean you have to have that because otherwise there's there's there's no motivation in that. It's so difficult set craig character in depth in those three panels exactly now. This wasn't the only adaptation to going to be covering of spiderman newton agenda. This was adapted did a third time in the mid ninety spiderman cartoon. The animated series two came out around the same time as x men animated series. It was a two parter and because we want this the episode to be shorter than a feature length film rolling to talk about that a little bit but we will get to it at the end. We had a lot of people on twitter who are excited about that totally gonna mention it and dot parts pretty great as well well as far as other backgrounds so when i was a kid i heard about this trip and i heard about this crossover rather because i read all the newspaper funnies janis and religiously clipped out every single one is still have them jay actually posh them onto an ikea's storage box that we moved a bunch of our stuff in the last time we moved so it still exists in that form what i found out though is that there was a spiderman newton agenda number zero that had places you could paste in the individual strips and i am so mad..

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