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That one of the vehicles and went over there you're into the northbound lanes troopers say one of the drivers is in custody right now FOR D. Y. and the other driver has a broken nose also breaking in the fields right now multiple wildfires continue to burn across California and parts of the state are still in the dark to help prevent power lines for sparking new fires in the wind what a night it is across California were asking local utilities controlled blackouts would ever be a possibility here refers to California right now flames are surrounding homes and highways and still more new report coming out the power lines are exploding this is the northernmost neighborhood of Los Angeles we seem large trucks on fire evacuations are underway as crews scramble to protect houses earlier in the day a fire destroyed seventy four homes in a mobile home park in Calumet says it's being called the sandal wood fire investigators say the flames spread from a burning pile of trash this fire is now grown to five hundred acres reporter for ABC affiliate posted this video on Twitter showing some of the home still smoldering tonight crews are still trying to make sure that everyone has been accounted for and in the last few hours another fire exploded a hillside in Ventura county west of Los Angeles at this point the flames are moving away from homes but it's still burning out of control if we bring up our live radar you can see the winds are really driving these fires conditions have calmed down enough that the the gas and electric restored power in the San Francisco area but half a million people remain in the dark in northern California and today another utility cut power in parts of southern California without notice to prevent fires from igniting that move has questioning could we see something like that here in western Washington come was called Miller is an alive destiny spoke with Pete sound energy what did you find out cold Justin this is a move that has raised eyebrows and is also stirred up some controversy here's another look at one of those fires lighting up the night sky here in our neck of the woods the O. P. as he tells me there is no plan like that in its playbook should we find ourselves facing a severe fire threat a spokesman without utilities as well they are keeping a close eye on how things play out down there in California there would be no deliberate cuts to service here he also points out the landscape the both places are quite different as we know along with the weather of course itself that's a P. as he does use a type of line they call it a free wire it's designed to prevent any kind of sparking should something land on it crews also work to cut down any potential problems ahead of time like trees and other overgrowth out east in our state where we see those wind driven low rising fires power pulls out that way there actually treated with a fire retardant in the first place so again as hundreds of thousands are once again in the dark in the Golden State we'll continue to keep a close eye on those wild visor back to you col thank you very much and that brings us to our poll question we're asking if the inconvenience of the power outage is worth the effort to reduce the risk of wildfires you can vote right now on our komo news Twitter page new tonight a man had to be pulled out from under a car in downtown Seattle after two car collision center van veering off the road right on top of him this happened a third in university near Benaroya hall firefighters quickly freed him and we're told his injuries are not life threatening both drivers stayed on scene and were not hurt neighbors say this house was more than an ice storage also crawling with rats piled high with garbage in notorious for criminal activity this week devotees in code enforcement crews cleared out the nuisance property on fiftieth Avenue east in Spanaway but there's still a lot of work to do Kamel Joe Marino live tonight with a long standing concerns that neighbors hold have finally come to an end Joel Preston after years of problems this house finally got boarded up the people living here got kicked out but despite some initial clean up there is still joke that covers this property but also the little piece in the neighborhood to deputies say they've come to this home dozens of times for calls about stolen cars shots fired drug activity and domestic violence I know this woman used to live next door but says she just couldn't take it anymore that's why I moved out because of because of that I cannot stand out of that is also a long list of code violations that were impacting neighbors we had some redness issues around here at one point they had a boat that was filled up with junk and was just abandon there on the sidewalk Pierce county declared it a nuisance property in this week deputies trespass the residence while code enforcement cruise boarded up the home during the clean up they found one man suffering a heroin overdose soon take away somebody there will answer to know exactly what happened with that a full scale cleanup could take months but people say it's already so much better it's refreshing to to come here and and not have to see all that junk all the time well we tried to reach out to the property owner but so far have not.

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