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The news with jonathan is odd the former opposition leader in malaysia and what you brian has declared a new dawn for his country hours after being released from prison the seventy year old received a royal pardon following shock election result the delivered a victory for the coalition backed by mr anwar and headed by his former political nemesis mahathir mohammed mr anwar now says talk to mahato has his full support north korea has threatened to cancel next month summit with the united states if washington keeps pressing for it to give up its nuclear weapons unilaterally the first vice foreign minister said mr said pyongyang had made clear that the us must end its hostile policy as a precondition for denuclearization earlier it pulled out of this week's talks with seoul in protest at the resumption of us south korean military exercises indonesian police have shot dead four men who attacked a police station in sumatra armed with samurai swords killing one officer one attacker was reported to have been carrying a bomb it comes after a series of deadly assaults on indonesian churches and police stations khalida zia bangladesh's former prime minister and opposition leader has been released from prison on bail on health grounds she was sentenced to five years for embezzlement but insists the charges are politically motivated human rights lawyers say they have new evidence to support the prosecution of the former gambian president yahya jammeh for the alleged murder of dozens of his opponents they say they've established that a death squad operated on the direct orders of the president a wellknown mexican journalist has been killed outside his house in the southern state of tabasco witnesses say one color sweater was shot several times by gunmen on a pickup truck a new study has found that the disrupted body clock could puts people at increased risk of diseases such as depression and bipolar disorder and the study has found chimpanzees have cleaner beds than humans despite spending more than half their lives in them bbc news it's not about being africa nonnorth i think it's about embracing your own personal sense of style and where you're from and what makes you you wanna make pieces that transcend any borders so how do you manage your culture or tradition to make globally acceptable welcome in the studio from the bbc world service in the next half.

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