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Spoke with Ryan no well with the Coast Guard as of right now we do not have any current updates but the search did continue overnight into this morning as for the man rescued at last check he was listed in good condition transported to air station Cape Cod atop the U. S. navy official forced out of his job for his handling of navy seal Edward Gallagher's case Richard Spencer the navy's top civilian leader pushed out by defense secretary mark asper for trying to cut a secret deal that would have allowed Gallagher to keep his rank while publicly advocating for Gallagher's discipline CBS news correspondent Steve Dorsey with more in a statement as per said he's deeply troubled by Spencer's conduct handling Gallagher's case as per said Spencer no longer had his confidence to continue in his position as per is proposing to president trump that US ambassador to Norway Kenneth Braithwaite a retired navy rear admiral replace Spencer Spencer recently but it heads with the president about the situation and has submitted also a resignation letter as well five oh seven now miserable day for patriots football in Foxboro but it was a very special day for a group of new patriots sworn into military service on the field before kickoff at Gillette WBZ TV is Jim Smith tells us even the players were honored to want here is on a soggy Sunday at Gillette stadium but on this day everyone was honoring the real patriots those who serve our country in the armed forces soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice in new troops were sworn in on the field US army chief of staff general James makan deal did the honors special day because back in my hometown of Massachusetts the way they supporting a military lease of more than two dozen fallen service members were guests of the patriots at the game and every patriot player who wore a decals on their helmets with the initials of the service members killed in action huge night for Taylor swift at the American music awards where she collected her twenty fourth win to tie the previous record held by Michael Jackson swift used her speech to thank her current record label for letting her freely express herself through our music swift as a bed in a very public and very bitter battle with those who owner master recordings that made her a superstar she.

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