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Oh, I think finally, you know, when when some of our guys are going to the sales, they're looking specifically for these to turn type courses, and you know, naturally because of that you're gonna be a little slower about bringing them around. You're not gonna be cranking up in April or may. That's not what they're bred for designed for. So you know that that's part of the overall strategy. And I think in general tool racing has changed quite a bit over the years, and it's a little less see less of the derby type horses making their debuts in April may and June. When when I first started training, you'd certainly see a lot of the same horses that were that would start off. Then what still still be on the derby tro? But the think everyone's strategy is changed a little bit with those type of worse now. And you know, you also you get into a new new sets of of stallions and. You know, you get got a just to what the are looking like, you know, people assume that that it's like a deck of cards that you you just you know, you get what you get that. That's not it's not that simple. It you know, it has to do with clients at has to do with with their bloodstock people. And you know, I it you can only work with what you know, with what comes your way. Correct. There's a lot of moving to the whole thing we're going to head out. But you know, you mentioned the racist coming up this week including cutting Umer in that ninth race on Friday. Top of kind of password here. I'm gonna mention the name and give me a one word answer underestimate in the third on Friday. Chance to kind of similar group to what she ran against last time. But I like the fact that she drew out sex looting. Timid ated inside most of the way lost. On Thursday, make a little mischief in the fifth. I think she need it. Or last race? We we ran her a mile and a sixteenth quite a layoff. And she made the lead. And just I think she get a little bit tired of parts. I I would expect step forward from there. And you got to haven't looked at the race yet. But see shark stand up. Stand up actually improved quite a bit since we trained him on the turf e was purchased last year, the OB us Mark sale and worked very well. And synthetic wasn't quite showing us on the dirt. What we're hoping for? We put him on the grass so big improvement. And you know, gives me the impression if if you can get away their Lou that he it'd be one that have a chance I out. Well, the powerhouse partnership of micro poli and clips with this intimacy Jif Colt out of the well decorated mayor well Todd, I appreciate it. I also wanna get back to you at some point about Bob McNair, we never had a chance to ask you to pay tribute to him. So we'll do that we talk, okay? All right. Thank you. You bet. Happy new year to Todd and his team. Got we got a lot in there. Probably few that we'll have to wait for next time victim row top ledger. Donzel a lot of fun to have done on with escape clause. John Wight schuch mcgahee Quadri. And Steve Shahidi. Joining us to appreciate Harvey Clark. They'll be more Fred sites as well later on. So we'll probably talk to Fred here in the block with it. And more heavy great day everybody replay tomorrow six ninety missed..

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