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Police are stunned to see the case. Take one final twist. Because wall allen was never a suspect before this year a turns out he actually came in contact with law enforcement the night of the murders. Wait what yes. This is the most bizarre like never heard anything like this story before. So according to nine news allen's truck got stuck in the snow on this path on january six eighty two and he only lived to tell about it because a local sheriff just happened to be on a plane. Flying over the exact spot allen was stranded and so this guy looks at the window saul allen flashing his headlights in an sos pattern recognized what that meant and what was happening. He hurries to tell the plane's flight crew who then radio down to dispatch to help him like all of these pieces had exactly in the place for him to be rescued and they did when the fire chief got out to alan and got him out of there. He noted that allen had a big bruise on his face and at the time allen said that he just like clocked himself on his truck door when he got out to p because he was a little drunk in white out conditions and at the time the fire chief didn't think anything of it other than this guy had to be so lucky not to be dead so no one ever put the pieces together that this dude with his massive bruise on his face kind of in the same area who stuck is stuck in the same area with a bruise on his face. Who women were murdered that same day i was going to say like we're recordings in august of two thousand twenty one. This arrest happened literally a couple of months ago and this entire time almost forty years. The sheriff not only saw allen stuck in adrift in the area from a plane from a plane notified other emergency personnel to help him out. And the do-doesn't massive bruce on his face and he was never questioned or addressed or connected or anything ever well. Because if you remember like at the time they wouldn't take bobby joe's missing persons report that night right so like wasn't even involved in the search random plane and i'm you know rescue a guy. You were the hero. This poor guy almost died. That probably didn't make it on anyone's radar. Nobody even thought of that once. This missing person report became homicide became a double homicide. It's unreal to think about today. Alan remains in prison pending. His trial. For bobby joe and annette's families. His arrest means something like closure after a nightmare spanning almost four decades. It's a testament.

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