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Creates it's one of the most intriguing teams in this year's draft as they now have two first round picks two in the second and one in the third that gives them the currency to make a bold move up in the first round that's currency they didn't have each of the last two years when their top pick with late in the second round and early in the third going into those past two drafts we say we're able to eliminate number players just based on where we were selected this year's a little bit different than that really we need to know draft from top to bottom and potentially says a handful of players there probably out of reach you know realistically just about everybody's in play within other than a handful of guys one thing we know about bill belichick he loves to trade on draft day the patriots have made sixty two draft day trades in bella checks eighteen years and here's something that might be music to mel kiper xeres bella check said friday morning the patriots conduct mock drafts to help them prepare for the actual draft 'electric said sometimes it just sparks a conversation we don't sit around and do it all day but we do it as an exercise diana well practice certainly makes perfect mike thanks tom brady he's made it known that he thinks lamar jackson is a bbc set it on instagram so you know it's absolute truth bill doesn't like instagram but does he like jackson we like mel kiper jones show now mel one of the patriots plans with those two first round picks by the phil so mccain need areas the team that has holes any offensive tackle certainly think about the defensive line linebackers secondary and i think those picks could could do that homegrown talent needs to be brought into this patriot organization and now they want to move up say lamar jackson if you want him buffalo's at twelve and twenty two if they want to jump ahead of buffalo they could without giving up a ton but i certainly if they stay at twenty three and thirty one you gotta think of twentythree about colton miller offensive tacke weather ucla i think the best left tackle in this draft you kind of fits the physical athletic mold of nate solter they just lost the.

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