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Other accuser a merger Jordin fox news a new reports suggests a second intelligence official may file a whistle blower complaint related to president trump's phone conversation with Ukraine's president during which he asked Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden and his son this morning in Greece secretary of state Mike Pompeii away knowledge there is corruption in Ukraine but said there's an advantage to working with foreign powers with respect that are completely important if we need another government assistance it's very reasonable to ask the government say do you have any help that you can provide so we can protect the American people so that they can vote in free and fair elections without interference from any other country does the department issued a letter to Congress late Friday after Pompeii failed to meet a deadline to hand over documents to three house committees related to Ukraine meanwhile Joe Biden says his son hunter will join him on the campaign trail Biden's son is at the center of the trump campaign complains about possible conflicts of interest but the former VP does not see his son as a liability asked by the Reno Gazette will hunter campaign with you Biden said yes asked when will we see him Biden replied well I don't know he's out on the west coast he's going to be teaching law school next year but a closed door fundraiser in Palo alto Biden warned donors that a nominee too far to the left may not be trump saying quote you don't need some radical radical socialist kind of answer to any of this fox's Peter doozy from Las Vegas democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders says he's on the mend after having a heart attack feeling so much better. I just want to thank all of you for the love and warm wishes that you sent to me Sanders promised his supporters that he'd be back on the campaign trail soon but he did not say when protests in Hong Kong have paralyzed the city and you ban on face mass at rallies went into effect Saturday but hundreds of demonstrators are defined the band wearing surgical masks in the street a teenager was shot in the melee American listening to. you will be G. news time may know too good morning I'm Robert wood topping Austin's news an apartment fire overnight in the eighty three hundred block of north interstate thirty five at the woodland heights apartments injured a father and his two children the cause of that fire was unattended cooking and there were no working smoke detectors in the apartment the father was burned and suffered cuts from breaking out a window to get him and his children out of the apartment the children suffered smoke inhalation all three were taken to the hospital for treatment Austin area homelessness advocates say of residents are going to talk about unsightly missive encampments we need to look for lazy or in some cases well intentioned folks handing out furniture to those on the street Amy prices with front steps and says it won't end well we know what's going to happen between brain or people with perhaps unpredictable bowels sitting in this furniture that's the fault and it turned into chock AT T. Brian Manley says they will be enforcing health and safety hazard standards and removing those pieces of furniture the trump administration approved governor habits appeal for federal emergency disaster relief Texas Gulf coast.

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