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The resistance to live on the info wars dot com studios heats alex jones robert hue assault he's coming up then we have the former trump administration official campaign official who she give us good leaks before getting into the fact that why they're sitting on top of the fact that scott had al qaeda he did of alqaeda videos i have other sources that i obviously can't get a details of i would even more proof but i can't give the information out at this time by that is the information coming out show brandon tatum give out your information here police officer there in southern arizona uh at the officer tatum facebookcom four tatum bug 34 youtube dot com bt cruiser 34 if you're just joining dish e e e that lot say about the nfl the the vagus attack you've had everything she has been viral folks really resonate with an you've got the floor and the shag might even patiently sitting there all i had cramps favor on kind of repeat we've been saying you've been on fire during the break but what's really going on why the police can't say was going off this point and where you see this all going and then in the gun control issues the actual statistics of why this is a tragedy but to say it's the biggest thing in the world then try to blame gun owners and say banned the nra i mean that's crazy they're the conspiracy terrorists they're covering up it's probably an islamic attack and then there in on us at the same time right right right and it when it comes to law enforcement like there's certain things that we can and cannot do we will not do to preserve our own tactical advantage so we may have information about certain things were we will never disclose those things because we have to have the advantage listen with things happen the citizens aren't the ones that have to do to take down as the citizens want the once they got to get the search warrants and things like that so we have an advantage by having the upper hand habit information and nobody knows about understanding how to do counter you know i excu cano techniques on different things so this is an advantage for law enforcement.

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