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I got into that habit. And I was I was cruising hard for a while. I twice a day though. Right. I used to place a day off my my brushes Lawrence. I know you gotta do morning evening. I know what's going on here. I've lost all. All the days. I brush in the morning, and then I like floss, you gotta losses evening. Yeah. That's when you've gathered everything in the morning is because you can't go to sleep with all that garbage on your teeth. It sits there. Yeah. Yeah. No. I know I know. I'll get there. Eventually we're albums albums the twenty nine teams Led Zeppelin have a new hit coming out. I don't think. So what about Chad Kroeger a Paul McCartney album dropping in twenty nineteen? That's what I wanna know. We'll find out the first one in January or one of the major ones of January the backstreet boys toback Vegas residency. They have a an album called DNA. I need new backstreet boys on the highway. They let them make twenty kids on the block resurgence was a okay on my bad. I think I was thinking instinct has the residency. Maybe it's backstreet boys. I can't tell no they're not Timberlake you and then Meghan Trainor same day. I don't know. If you guys know me, I do she's rob Schneider's daughter because she really isn't she she's the nose jewel. That's that's somebody else. Oh is that? I don't know. I didn't watch Sanders daughter, Megan trainers. The one was like the she talked about how she's too good for guys or whatever. I don't. Too good for my ears. Then isn't she? Let's see rotting Christ who that is. And a dream theater has a new.

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