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All right things. First. Let's talk about the worst news of the week. I. The California farm. That was connected to the e coli outbreak in Romain lettuce has a new announcement. Yes. What's next caliph lower? Oh, and other lettuces I I did did not not. read the entire article. So I don't know. Is there actually banned or being recalled, this is a journalist endeavor? It's probably best. If you just devoid all vegetables salad through twenty eighteen. Yeah. My my twenty eighteen and of your recommendation is avoid vegetables who eats vegetables in December. Anyway, cookies are Christmas vegetables. This is about sugar carbs. This is about cakes and cookies and ice creams and coffee cakes to leave out heads of lettuce for Santa. No, no. You do that for the Easter bunny? He's a little bitch. I know, and I don't know. I don't know. I don't have anything against these funny. I don't actually know the full. I again, I probably should have done more research on the topic. But I feel like I've heard through the grapevine that the Trump presidency has been all about deregulating government agencies, which is there because people are like oh government is bad, except when the government make sure that there's no fucking E coli on your goddamn, mushrooms. And so because they've started deregulating the FDA like regulations are more lax. And now our fucking vegetables are disgusting. I don't I don't truly understand how you can like deregulate lettuce. I don't know. Next a city in Massachusetts kilt, a bunch of beavers after realizing that their dams combined with heavy rainfall were causing hazardous flooding conditions. They were like, oh my God, we're flooding. You know, what we should do massacre all the beavers? Rounded them all up, and they they shot them. The city of framingham are not regrets like they're framing the beavers. They posted they posted a statement on Facebook that says the city of framingham regrets that it was placed into a set of circumstances that resulted in the demise of papers that was like passive voice times tend to take the subject of that sentence. Is that the city of framingham murdered the beavers? Okay. You can't twist these words around to make it seem like the beavers just died and murdering the beavers for doing their jobs. So damn well. Yeah, it's not their fault that you built your fucking house by a river. That's what happens when it floods. I guess we're just going to blame climate change on the beavers. No, no. They're like sorry. Sorry. We had to we were. We were pushed into a corner. And now we have to kill all the beavers. You know, they just wanted some hats. I mean, I hope that they would at least use them. And not just like throw them away. Oh, yeah. And it says since trappers are prohibited by Massachusetts law from relocating beavers trapped animals are most often euthanized. According to the statement, but you know, who made that law the fucking government of Massachusetts. The same rhetoric is who took out the beavers. So maybe you can make an exception and pick them up and drop them off somewhere else. Like, my mom did to those rabbits. We found in our backyard fifteen years ago. All right P, those rabbits next a southern California Catholic school. There's not going to be good discovered that its former principal at another. None two nuns stole an estimated five hundred thousand dollars over a decade for their personal use potentially using the money for travel and gambling. So hell. Yeah. If you're going to be a non UBS, none and style that's where that's what's under those non gallons. Just fucking diamond. Diamond starling. I wanna be a nun. Now, if I if I knew this the perks of being a nun, I would have I would have joined that a long time ago. I signed me up from Vegas to the sisterhood. My uncle according to family lore because my dad and all of his siblings went to like strict Catholic school in. Chicago swam Nikkei swam naked, my uncle slapped. A non across the face got expelled..

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