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They always had Succession plans for everything. Like you could basically when I did do my and I'm in the middle of it doing right now at PSG where I look at I look back on the previous season and I'll look forward. And I'll put a depth chart together. And by contracts and player grades and things like that and you look at it and you can say, you can almost predict. All right, well, they haven't expiring contract here. They don't want to be left short, so they're probably going to pick a guy in the middle rounds here, or they're going to sign a veteran free agent. And Bill just stopped doing that. You know, they had no succession plan in place for Brady. I mean, Jimmy Garoppolo was there, but then they traded him, you figured, all right, they'll get going again. Did they know? You know, Jerry Stidham was not a succession plan. Rob Gronkowski completely covered bear tight end when he retired, which he had already threatened that he was going to retire. You can go on and on and now they're in a position where at cornerback. JC Jackson, they're screwed if he's not back next year. Who's the number one or even number two cornerback on this team if they have to tag and trade JC Jackson? And then you look at the coaches, you know, yeah, Charlie Weiss was here. They had Josh McDaniels, like, you know, Josh Daniels wrote up, took out a full page ad in The Boston Globe today, and he even mentioned it in there about how he went from the defensive side of the ball to being the quarterbacks coach for like two years under Charlie Weiss. And they had that going and, you know, sometimes you're just gonna get raid and that's gonna happen. But it just doesn't seem like they're prepared for any of this stuff. And so, you know, your point about, did he think Josh was gonna go? I bet you I bet you he thought that Josh was gonna stay. Like, what's the point now? I'm, you know, it'd be nice if he just would have said, hey, Josh. Let's have a conversation. I'm only gonna do this for three years. I'd really like to turn this over to you. So why don't you stay put. But I can tell you there was never any talk like that. And I only bring that up because they took a quarterback in the first round. And they had to make a change at the position as we know after the 7 and 9 season. Everyone was calling for it, but it makes me wonder when you're trying to develop a young quarterback to your point about filling out your staff. Now you've got to worry about personnel making decisions not one year down the road, but two or three years down the road, you put it in our show rundown, like Bill is basically challenging himself to do everything. And look, sorry, Bill, you did this to Brady. Years ago, but with your age, I don't know what your contract situation is, Bill, but I'm sure it's pretty good, but at your age, at this point in time, that's a lot to ask on a Bill Belichick. And I think we discussed this a few weeks ago like rely on some people. Now, not just your Friends, because we folks get on Bill for just recruiting his friends to come coach him, but at least someone from outside of the building, I know there's been chatter about Adam Gase. Maybe a chance Patricia will come down to run the offense. There's a lot there. We need answers..

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