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So i didn't really like the computer played. Computer games invesco vote magic. Yeah and then. I realized that everything which computer games. It's a total copy of reality. I love for one. That like clive is always able to bring back. Things compete against thoroughly understands. Started thinking now about because i know everyone. Plain honest is the easiest way to explain people The magic knowing just considering the magic to be in reality just don't do this like just they think it's look stupid. They don't believe it's real. Okay so here's a state right that gonna happen like talked about this week and then Keep senior right. So we're talking about alchemy in this simple for saturn and so alchemy. If you guys don't know it's on a basic level it's turning medal into gold but i like a magical level spiritual level. It's about like going from the gross to basically divine the light so loud of your soul. Um whatever you consider god-like communion with that and then creating magic with it. So i'll come back in the day when someone was sick because you'd go to them. When you were sick they would write on a piece of paper like you know. Healing the body bubalo blah like how to heal the body. Didn't fight the symbol for sadder that i'll chemic- simple for solder which is our acts and then the person would eat the paper and that's how they would heal themselves. If you ever got a prescription or you can drive past like cbs. Look at the prescription area. It always has are axe so doctors to this day still right are acts on prescription acres so literally not to still everywhere heavily influence disturbed before you told me neither. I was listening to somebody who was talking about it on youtube talking about how to use sadder and the energy for saturn for success. Because it's starting point. Some of this is what this is. Why i Stories for the sodom and anything. But i liked the meaning that some symbols or some worse or some the work for you we stupider some. Yes some some followers if you try to find them put in the meaning of them working. Yeah and it's not like what religion that the study or practice magic as non binary so on the surface like basic basic level to understand magic stress using the energy around. You whether you call it. God for the call. Ed like lifeforce Light whether it doesn't matter what he wanted calling it exists the only problems in some soup. Something between all of us people invite physically like between you. And i go up sitting here and tessa talks about this. It's not just empty. Space your energy. That's forms of so many people people in russia. Scientists tried to start it. They doing some things to give the people like strong So many things in this world. You are talking to me about that. Little colorful spinning would think alike association. Super old of. I forgot the name. But what i'm saying is it's people because i remember my way to stem this. Remember in the beginning. I felt it's all such a such bullshit for one that i was raised christian right so i was not allowed to watch harry potter. I remember i was not allowed to watch like my mom. Only watch the twitches media because it was like twin witches team tomorrow so besides that i was not supposed to learn about magic. Because it's like they tell you. Laura religion mood religion because of religion's like rules life. Also take a philosophy but there's so much magic don- Like in the bible like buddha like you can call it magic. You can call it a miracle but what he's using. He's using the energy. The energy of god you in gaza energy source someone you people know what. The magic is by modern methods through the books and audiobooks and for example. That book of zalin. What we talk if solid I hope some of the region to region try zones. Zillow's book get old is great. Yes the topsy. The the movie secret the secret. Like if you haven't watched the secret it's it's so yes the all of those Thinks understand what we're talking about the same idea this All of his at some point. It's magic and you can. You can work with out. He's.

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