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You like an update on what's happening at the B. M. W. championship bout at Madonna Country Club the Tigers and about five under I could but then I'd be lying to you it is not at about five under Tiger Woods is to wonder on the day and he's on the fourteenth hole he's tied for twenty eighth while he really got off to a quick start getting to two under quickly ability was to wonder after three but he hasn't been able to now hasn't been able to build on that now Justin Thomas is atop the leader board with a sixty five seven under par sixty five followed by Jim Fuehrer who's on with Carmen your call yesterday he shot a six under par sixty six he is tied with Ryan Palmer for second place and that's really all you these days Jim fear these days yeah like will what is what what what what I would get forty nine forty eight forty I Klay forty nine eligible for the convenience store next year yeah you probably tear it up didn't you know you're the guy saying he's like top for in money and money list all time money here something like that right okay I heard that correctly by the way was also perusing the ESPN website and I came across an article or at least a kind of advertising for the article it says ranking the most likely worst to first teams for two thousand and nineteen the NFL prizes parity and the idea that every team can turn things around who will shock us this season that's what they asked do you realize maybe you heard what we were talking about the team that they're picking as the most likely team to go last to first worst to first in the NFL this year because it happens I think it's seven fifteen last sixteen I asked you did Jacksonville finish last night I don't have I didn't have access to the article I believe out of a dollar did and it's the number one team with the highest percentage chance to go from worst to first the Detroit Lions that shop wow band aid thirty large word but the V. thirty nine point eight percent chance to make the playoffs is fourteenth best or worst whichever way you want to look at forty percent chance to make the playoffs and a chance of winning the dividend a twenty five percent chance of winning the division so basically what it says they finish nine and seven last year they finished twelfth in football outsiders TVO way they like all their additions in their draft another free agent signings and all that kind of stuff and yet if if if the NFC north of basically the the article says the NFC north is going to beat up on each other because it's going to be one of the most competitive divisions why not the lines I I just I don't I don't see it I mean crazier things have happened I'm sure like I said fifteen of the last sixteen years I believe you that a team go from worst to first in the NFL last year with the bears it was a pretty unlikely sorry now then getting back but remember back in no camp date an unproven head coach an unproven quarterback now you're right there was lots of I just don't see the lions making that jump with the bears the Packers and Vikings in the division with them so what were you asking did the jags finish last in the AFC south that's what I'm asking because I would think they would Nick Foles there they could bounce back they've got still good players on that team yeah they were last five eleven eleven eleven so the leg that's why and and they're in the division now with the Titans obviously quite right about Marcus Mariota Indies get questions about to Andrew luck but maybe they were not even factoring that in when they came to this conclusion and attacks and still have some some holes as well as for protection for eleven five last year yeah every year the eight at the end of the year there the better than you think some believable than it his cousins is feared to have tore his ACL bad luck for a buggy the last serious knee injury of the way diagnose is not expected to be known for certain Tilly undergoes further tests in LA later today I guess according to Welsh cousins was working out in Vegas on Monday when he had to leave the court after what one source described as because the cousins bumping needs with another player his body is totally betrayed him lately and we saw him because he's such a fine player to watch when he's good when I got right trading in the playoffs this year yeah like the casual NBA fan this is like our coach killer he's a bad guy by every NBA player like Sam he's never had a problem with like guys on his team and he's just so much fun to watch three's good when you made an interesting comment upstairs so the about how this is another example of that was cavs today I was listening to capitalize the cap brought up a good point today cap said that you know it's just another example on why athletes why he never rips athletes for taking the big money deal yeah I the deal is you know when your body goes that leaves you exposed to something like this so but we don't know for sure exactly but they fear that he has tore his ACL video shows Conor McGregor hitting a man in a bar a boy in the video which is from April and was published by TMZ sports today McGregor's shown pouring drinks at a bar in Dublin the video cuts to a few minutes later when McGregor pumps his fist in the air before throwing a jab at a man seated at the bar Gregory shown being escorted out of the video frame while the man remained in his chair police in Ireland told TMZ sports they're still investigating the incident and that no arrests have been made we've got the bus incident when did we have a cell phone incident in Tampa or something like that where someone was trying to take a picture and he grabbed the person cellphone yet in Miami talking to Dana white here how long ago was that one day it was and still maybe six weeks ago okay we what he's telling us if my memory serves me that he expected Conor McGregor to get back yes any it good good things to say about Conor right okay NFLPA issues a work stoppage guide to its players sources on both sides in the negotiations continue to insist they work stoppages unlikely but the NFLPA has said all along that its mission is to negotiate for the best while preparing for the worst much of the work stoppage guide a copy of which was obtained by ESPN is focused on helping players manage their money in advance of or in the case of a strike or a lockout I personally don't believe there will be a strike you don't okay a lock out and you don't think any of that I don't believe that just I just don't believe that the rank and file NFL players because the career is so short that the there are look they're they're obviously fewer superstars than there are average guys so to speak and I just don't see guys being willing let's just play I get and I am not suggesting they shouldn't fight for a larger piece of the pie and a number of different fronts on other issues as well and different productions here and there I'm just suggesting to you that if it comes down to money how many of the guys like me are going to and by me I mean play a small role in war more of the US rationalized highest paid players are they really going to give up the opportunity to cash a check so that's a larger person a portion of what they already make is going to go to the star but you've always said don't **** about it negotiate the deal now if you want if you want to get a lot of these negotiations dine and the owners won't budge because I'm with you I just what I want then what happened when it when I'm saying to you is is I find it hard to believe the troll gats the majority of players on the same page to actually striking forgo getting paid over a period of time I do hope that they collectively bargained for the things that they feel are most important and I do believe you can hurt those you know like a guaranteed what if they want guaranteed contracts whatever so another's enough we play that we play the the riskiest sport in you guarantee has the least amount of money my only question again is I think that's a great it'd be a great because it's it it's a great initiative our guys going to be unified enough to stand together and miss game checks in a sport where the average career last less than four years are they going to be able to do that and stay in it you know what a unified front it affects everybody so you know we got a guaranteed paycheck absolutely my hope would be that they wouldn't have to get to this point that the owners making the money that they're making with would find a way to kind of divide things up a little bit more equitably understand what I'm saying yep so but we'll figure out there's a lot of money there you hope we ask that everyone could come to an agreement more more attention paid to Antonio brown as he faces a lawsuit under faces a lawsuit over unpaid chef spell the final today asking who goes by the sports chef filed suit in this I see all of Florida on July thirtieth claiming brown's balance of thirty eight thousand five hundred twenty one dollars and twenty cents during the two thousand and eighteen Pro Bowl festivities remain on pay he was too busy burning is feet we're looking for a new helmet then the pay is bell he does a celebrity chef almost thirty nine thousand dollars it's just drama drama follows him everywhere to use toward the squeeze now now maybe right now it's still amber thirtieth after he's got like four one hundred yard game yeah I mean we we get out again yes this is the maddening thing the maddening part of being in a relationship football relationship with Antonio brown that yes he at this point the juice is still worth the squeeze as crazy as that may sound to some people there some people I'm sure the guy I don't need a headache and that's a unique talent right there I Amazon packages are delivered on mac and act as if mad at all mac in the act it was just you know back in back no but that's mechano may Mackinac Island Michigan right okay I just three America but what is so the sea the sea is is compliance on an island yes I didn't realize that I thought there was a W. at the end of that now anyway there I'd packages are delivered on Mackinaw island by carriage and a horse right an image shows on Facebook a team of two horses pulling a carriage full of Amazon packages about that yes Mylan desert I don't know never been there I know I do know how to pronounce it but that was not going to thank you add woman reports are car stolen while running from police in that car Clinton Iowa a twenty year old woman clad police saying her car had been stolen while running from police in an attempt to trick them into thinking she wasn't the one driving her car during the chase okay what I want is for and one is his call the police in her car had been stolen right running from police in an intent to trick them into thinking she wasn't the one driving her car during the chase so basically I guess she was being chased by the cops so she called the cops yeah that's where they didn't think it was her yeah but then you want to pull that car over even more so because it's been stolen in your when the deputy attempted to perform a traffic stop on the speeding driver the driver sped off and ran a light before pulling into a parking lot the driver then exited the parking lot fled westbound on Lincoln way highway thirty yes so this was quite a quite a chase I naked runner in Hoby sound that I get healthy right yeah the whole process where is that an alleged naked man who ran past a woman also ran afoul of the law according to a Martin County sheriff's office report acute choose new due to Jeffrey Mansfield of vero beach was issued a notice to appear in court on exposure of sexual organs charge after the August first flap Hey Martin County sheriff's deputy about five forty in the morning went to a gas station near the southeast federal highway in reference to a suspicious man with no clothes on early riser that's good Hey there this is said to have war started walking north a jogger flagged down a deputy and was very upset the jogger said a man ran pastor with no clothes on what is going on line what is happening Savannah Georgia home warm pumpkin spice season is just around the.

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