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Donnas old man recession, you are through you have gone us wrong. Well, hello. Hello. Hello, everybody. And welcome back to money matters with Ken moraif it. Of course, I am your host, Ken moraif. And this is the show where we talk about everything and anything in the world of retirement planning. We talk about investment strategies, social security income taxes estate, planning you name it. We talk about it. And we try to have more fun than a human being should be allowed to have when talking about all of this boring financial stuff. But before we get started. Let me myself. I am Ken moraif the host of money matters with Ken moraif. Doc certify, I have been a certified financial planner professional for the last twenty marvelous wonderful and very exciting years. And all of the ideas that we talk about on this show. These are the very same ideas. We talk about with our beloved and most valued clients. You see a mission from God. Dan ackroyd? Yes, indeed, we are and in fact for our clients, and for you, listen to this show since we are affirmed that specializes in retirement planning, we work primarily with people that are over fifty who are retired or retiring soon, our mission from God is Dan just said is we want you to have financial peace of mind. And we want your money to last as long as you do. All right. So if we can accomplish that then we've done our job. And just in case, you didn't know this recently barons, named your faithful host one of the top one hundred independent financial advisers actually for the seventh year in a row, and if it was not for our beloved and most valued clients barons, wouldn't even know my name. So thank you all you clients. And for those of.

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